Dubai Garnet fragrance notes

    • bergamot, blackberry, seaweed, pink pepper, cardamom, magnolia, rose, jasmine, lavender, plum, cumin, musk, amber, oakmoss, myrrh, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Dubai Garnet

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What a bizarre smell. It's somewhere between a medicinal oud amber and a weird fruity burnt caramel gourmand.

I can't really tell what I'm smelling - if you attempted to layer Baccarat Rouge, Pink Sugar, a fruity shampoo, raisins, and a honeyed mimosa or cherry blossom, you could maybe get something like this. I've forgotten which reviewer coined the term, but this is totally a "luxury blob." If I had to sell this, I'd describe it as raisins soaked in whiskey, but that's a stretch. It could just as easily be called a "hazelnut oud" or "immortelle cafe". I've spent quite a few wears trying to decode this and I think I've decided that I don't like it enough to give it much more attention.
19th May 2023
Much beloved according to a knowledgeable SA I trust. So this was the very first Dubai collection scent I tried.

We were both amazed that within 20 minutes it had completely disappeared on my skin.


You read this right: gone, kaput, hasta la vista baby, I'm outta here!

My SA didn't believe me at first, so after he sniffed & sniffed again, finally, he agreed that Garnet had pulled a dissapearing act.

Not so on his skin.

It was lovely but ultimately disappointing.

23rd February 2017