Dubai Black Sapphire fragrance notes

    • neroli, saffron, beeswax, turkish rose, gurjun, cedarwood, pepper, oud, sandalwood, tolu balm, benzoin, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Dubai Black Sapphire

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Very dark, balsamic, rich. Notes mix well with each other. The rose is bitter, like rotting green stalks. I prefer "Bulgarian rose" over Turkish rose. The rose here, is ugly. However, I am strangely attracted to it. I think the addition of woods and pepper make it tolerable. It's a masculine rose.

Eventually the rose becomes smothered by balsam and benzoin, with a tiny sweetness coming from somewhere (I don't know)... Except for the brief time with bitter rose, this is a good rendition of a dark, balsamic fragrance, although I have smelled many others like it.
18th September 2020
All BN9 frags are monster longevity/sillage scents so that is a plus. This goes on with what I call "band-aid" oud, an oud that smells similar to a freshly opened band-aid bandage package. Several older Montale Aouds have this particular oud scent. There is a slight animalic/fecal note, "barnyard" oud as I call it. This is not unappealing, and dries down to be less noticeable. There is a note of rose present early also, as is a citrus sub-note of neroli and cedar. An hour into drydown, this smells very similar to Montale Black Aoud with oud and rose dominating. I don't like calling frags "masculine/feminine" and this could be worn easily by both men and women. BN9 lasts over 12 hours and can often be smelled on your clothes in the hamper days after removal. The down-side is the price. Retail price is on level of Roja Dove frags which are better quality and more artistic. I got a tester bottle for a great price, so look around. While one of the better BN9 frags, it is NOT worth $550. Overall this is a pleasant surprise from a company that either hits homeruns, or strikes out with very few "average" scents.
25th June 2020

Gorgeous honeyed oud with rose, beeswax, tolu balsam and more...

Starts strong, deep & masculine and gradually softens into a more unisex oriental fragrance with smooth edges.

Made for warm weather in Dubai to fully appreciate all of its phases.

Good longevity in cooler weather.

Thumbs up!
18th March 2019
Goes on strong, so be fore warned. This leans masculine & that's OK, I wear MANY masculine scents & don't consider the gender designation a deterrant at all.

Even though oud is down the list of note, it pretty much dominated the overall experience from the get go. That's not a bad thing, per se, especially if you are a fan of oud centric scents.

(I am not.)

So why the thumbs up from someone who doesn't love oud? Well, Black Sapphire has a lot going on....a LOT.

It's complex, has excellent longevity & a sillage that doesn't knock you over. Black Sapphire entices; "come closer & smell the nuances".

Once the initial blast of oud dried down, the blend of neroli, beeswax, Turkish rose & tolu balsam were united to create a cozy....I can't get enough of this smell...effect that lasted well into the next day.

Black Sapphire is complex and a joy to experience. I think it's the best in the Dubai collection.
23rd February 2017