Dubai Amber fragrance notes

    • bergamot, saffron, pink pepper, raspberry, bulgarian rose, jasmine, gurjum, guaiac wood, incense, oud, amber, cedarwood, vanilla, civet

Latest Reviews of Dubai Amber

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I found the opening to be...let's say...."challenging". It went on strong & sharp.

However, the more it dried down, the sweeter it became. The whole thing morphed into a long lasting, creamy caramel-sweet fest of ambery goodness.

12 hour plus longevity

Not completely linear but a 2 act performance, with the 2nd act being the best.
23rd February 2017
I have tried this new release a few times; it is an interesting take on masculine Oud a la Montale with an extended sweet dry down.

The beginning is dusty ashy oud that gradually settles into an ambery accord; the dry down is sweet and long lasting.

Nice for cool summer/fall evenings.

Thumb Up!
5th July 2016