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Like a glade captured in delicate strokes upon an impressionist canvas, the rich, green floral medley of Zoologist Dragonfly transports you through a maze of moody tones and melancholy weather. This olfactory journey echoes the cycle of a cobalt pond, from the crackling light of dawn to the thick blanket of nightfall, under the gaze of the flitting dragonfly.

Dragonfly fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, heliotrope, lemon, peony, rainwater
  • Heart

    • cherry blossom, clover, iris, lotus, rice
  • Base

    • amber, moss, musk, papyrus, sandalwood

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Aquatic floral with some depth. It's wearable but seems more feminine than unisex/masculine to me. Luckyscent listed ginger, grapefruit, geranium in the notes which is one of my favorite combos with essential oils, and I do kind of get a similiar vibe to what I would smelling that combo, but the peony, heliotrope, lotus, rainwater, and musk seem like the prominent notes (there's an earthy greenness rounding it out, too, so...the clover, rice, moss...but those are subtle). Sillage was moderate, and I think it lasted 4 or maybe 5 hours; I definitely couldn't smell it anymore after 7 hours.
27th May 2023
This fragrance is powdery and floral, with a pleasant scent that fills the air. However, it can be a bit too sharp and the drydown is underwhelming, especially for a fragrance at this price point.
30th April 2023

What a good surprise! I was expecting something bitter, masculine. It’s very soft, powdery, feminine, soapy. It’s got a vintage feel. It screams: I’m clean! Good for any age and personality. Well crafted!
16th November 2022
The opening is an exceedingly powdery floral. Not in a makeup-powdery iris kind of way, but more of a babypowder way. I figure I mostly get the heliotrope and peony. It comes off a bit too old-womanly for my tastes. The opening is also very dry, I don't get much of the rain or rice at all.

Then after about 45 min things start to get "wetter" per se. The florals get less sharp, and the scent overall gets a bit deeper with the "rain notes" coming in. But the vibe still stays primarily very floral and powdery.

My overall impression is that this is a bit too feminine for me. I don't think my nose is as tuned to this kind of fragrance as others, most Zoologist scents have something that separates them from the pack, but I personally struggle to differentiate this from the other few scents in this category that I've tried. Despite the fact that there's no white florals to be found in this, it reminds me quite a bit of Serge Lutens' Datura Noir. Given that, I would say to take my lukewarm review with a grain of salt, as I may not be able to pick up on some important nuances. The house is a favorite of mine, so if this is your style of fragrance, still be sure to give it a sample!
16th January 2020
This was my first experience with Zoologist and I am also a heliotrope lover, so I was looking forward to trying this and had high expectations based on all the buzz this house was getting.

I hated it upon first sniff and didn't understand the positive reviews. I actually had to wash it off and this doesn't happen often. When the 2018 Guide came out and Sanchez likened it to baby powder and disposable diapers I felt relieved and that I wasn't crazy. I agree with her impressions completely and think it smells like a diaper-y mess, which is what happens when you aren't skilled with heliotrope or don't use enough restraint with it.

My experience with Dragonfly unfortunately caused me to lose interest in this house for a while. However, now that the 2018 Guide is out and Hummingbird and Nightingale were rated 4 stars, I will thankfully be giving this house another try and testing those out.
16th November 2019
I knew this was going to be good before I tried it, having read Darvant's review. Damn, I wish could write like that!
This scent is so very poetically Feminine, brilliantly watercoloured and orchestrated to a sweet powdery thing.
Just when I feel it will become saturated and border cloying dry sweetness, a dab of Aquatic, Watermelon, Calonic draws it back to some moisture.
This Calonic is something that few noses can handle with finesse. ex. O'Driu Ta
While it is an enjoyable ride on my skin, it seems a little too pretty for my Masculine daily wear.
Gosh though, on a woman, with it's lack of Ambroxinized bluster, what a gorgeous thing!
23rd June 2018
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