The company says:

Giant lotus pads part to make way for buds that pierce the surface of the jade green pond. They raise their faces to the sun, their delicate fragrance floating around them. In the shadow of the flowers, tiny dragonfly nymphs also emerge from the shallows. They spread their fragile wings and shyly take flight, ready to explore a world beyond the water. Shimmering pools of nearby golden rice fields call to the dragonflies. Their long, quivering bodies flit across the cascading terraces to alight upon swaying stalks, sparkling with sunlight caught in droplets on iridescent wings.

Dragonfly (2021 version) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, basil, angelica seed, ginger, rice
  • Heart

    • aquatic florals, geranium, jasmin sambac, mimosa, orris absolute, rose, violet leaves
  • Base

    • rainwater, moss, patchouli, tonka, vetiver, benzoin, cashmeran

Latest Reviews of Dragonfly (2021 version)

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Fabulous blend! Herbal flowers that aren't overly aquatic, for my tastes.
More floral later.
Semi-sweet, soft base.

I didn't compare with the original but, I'd saw this version is as good as that.
6th November 2022
Very agreeable and sweet. But not at all generic or anything. Very rosy. Very lite. Yes, spelled specifically that way. Anyway, what’s not to love?

Okay, the rash ain’t so great. And the hives are crazy. But it smells just fine. And the chicks dig it. Or do they? It’s hard to say when you’re as attractive as I am.

I once used Dragonfly as a substitute for brake fluid in a broken Mazda and it worked great. So it makes sense to keep a bottle around. And while Zoologist perfumes aren’t cost-effective substitutes for really anything other than maybe platinum, they’re sadly not very good platinum stand-ins.

But this one’s a definite winner.
27th September 2022