Double Extrait de Fleur d'Oranger fragrance notes

    • bergamot, Neroli, orange flower, orange peel, Petitgrain, almond, coumarin, benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla, musk

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The oils of rose and orange graced many a nineteenth century parfum, lotion, soap and toilet water. Most prevalent and affordable were the so-called “waters,” oils in alcohol to be added by drops to basins of water, which Madame or Monsieur could use to splash or sponge face, arms and neck to cleanse and scent. Although both sexes used these, men could safely adhere to the orange and feel totally crisp and fresh in the workplace with no accusation of heaviness or femininity, as might occur with the rose.

Guerlain's Double Extrait de Fleurs d'Oranger is certainly a powerhouse of orange in all its forms, flower, leaf, twig and fruit peel. These are beautifully balanced, taking their turns emanating from the bottle or your skin. That marvelously dry accent of Petitgrain, extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, add the proper counter point to the richness of the orange flower and peel.

These are supported by almond, coumarin, benzoin, sandalwood, musk and vanilla, but sparingly, these bringing a roundness and powdery effect to the orange mixture.

Not being satisfied with the creation itself, Guerlain doubled the amount of oils used. Recall that hygiene in 1902 was not what it is today, the world bathing rarely but using sponges soaked in scented water to remove unpleasant body oils and odors, so this doubling of oils was perhaps more practical than showy.

All in all a splendid evocation of orange in all of its aspects. Rarer than hen's teeth, decants are still available from internet sellers. If you love the scent of orange, do seek it out.
4th January 2020