Dot fragrance notes

  • Head

    • red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle
  • Heart

    • jasmine, orange blossom, coconut water
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, driftwood

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Take one package of Capri Sun and dilute it in 5 gallons of water. Dump it on your head. Dot by Marc Jacobs.
16th June 2018
This fragrance reminds me of nature, the sweet smell of spring and a surprising resemblance to the clean smell of fresh cut grass after a summer rain, at least that's how it smells on my skin.

It makes me think of when i was a child and was outside making daisy chains and collecting lady bugs to study in a jar filled with grass. It has the same smell, only better and sweeter, like memories in a bottle.
I certainly understand the choice of the lady bug bottle design, it fits the fragrance perfectly and it's besides an eye catcher also a lovely collector's item to keep.

At the first smell i wasn't sure if i liked the fragrance, my first attraction was to the bottle because i've always liked lady bugs. But the more i smelled it the more i liked appreciate and understand it.
It's different yet refreshing and brought back sweet childhood memories of outside activities.

It's a soft, sweet, bright, fresh and clean scent which seems to fit best at occasions of outside activities like a family picknick, a camping vacation, a day at the park, or a walk along the beach on a Sunday morning.
7th January 2016

I don't quite understand who Marc Jacobs is making his fragrances for. Tweens with waaaay more disposable income than I have? Middle aged women with a Peter Pan/Lolita complex? Listen, I like me some whimsy. I like the hell out of some whimsy. But you can't put all the thought and art and beauty into the bottle and then fill it with a mediocre (at best) scent. You might as well buy something by Katy Perry or Britney Spears and spend half the money. I'm not a fan.
24th July 2014
Very watery-aquatic.
Fresh in a synthetic way.
Dominant notes of star fruit and also cucumber.
Fairly sweet.
Doesn't seem at all attractive to me.
16th May 2014
This smells wonderfully clean and fresh at first. I didn't smell red berries, but it was a clean, green almost cucumber like smell with a lovely hint of florals. Sadly on dry-down it fades into a highly synthetic vanilla scent that is unappealing, and worse, uninteresting.

I think it could be pleasant on a very young girl, but if you're over 18, I'd stay away.

The bottle is also absolutely hideous. I am not sure who Marc Jacobs has designing their bottles, but they are starting to cross the line from cute and quirky to utterly absurd.

24th February 2014
Young friendly fragranceI bought this fragrance because, well because the bottle =)), a blind buy. It's a "smell good" perfume, I cannot specificaly identify "RED berries" Smells like berries-fruit but ... sadly I cannot feel them clearly. Deff a fruity floral and at the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend you can feel the musk walking on its finger tips. I would use it at daylight and why not, on the evening, but I think not for a formal or serious event (Unless you are teenager) of course the fragrance add is like: "let´s be playful as a ladybug, weeeh!" So obviously it's not for a glamorous evening or night out. It's ok for me to use at the office, is subtle enough to not sneak up -aggressively- on your co-workers nose or mess up with the other fragrances around. About Longevity... I would say "long-enough" for me, Even tho if my day will continue after 5 p.m.(to 8 p.m.) in the afternoon I would re-apply it to feel the fruity scent again not just the subtle musk. Ahh by the way... deff cannot feel any coconut O_oAt the end I think is a friendly-fragrancePros: Not invasive smell, young scent, Nice bottle design, good longevityCons: Price ¬¬, "
22nd October 2013
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