Don't Get Me Wrong Baby Yes I Do fragrance notes

    • lily of the valley, jasmine, orange blossom, adehydes, amber, patchouli, cocoa, musk, marshmallow

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It is a great mass of aldehydic muguet, the parfumeurs’ sleight of hand for the seemingly innocent Lily of the Valley. There is an acetone note that makes this synthetic seeming and thus unpleasant to my nose. it's not what I would have expected from a "niche" and I think there are much better cheapie lily of the valley to chose from this.
30th June 2023
Extremely floral scent, the main note being lily-of-the-valley. The sweet notes fade quickly but the florals stick with you for a long time.

Not for me but if you like heavy florals with sweet notes, a fantastic pick.
22nd February 2023

A very soft and innocent floral. A bit of marshmallow/bubblegum underneath the flowers. I know I am buying into the marketing here, but it *could* be a Lolita scent! I think it would really fit a flirty and yet somewhat innocent young girl so well. Beneath a scandalous name (it's a funny play on their previous fragrance Don't Get Me Wrong Baby I Don't Swallow) it's a very likeable, pretty, innocent and slightly sweet floral, just the kind I don't like at all.
9th February 2021
Séverine Serizy / Belle de Jour ( Catherine Deneuve ) in Belle de Jour by Luis Bunuel 1967
30th March 2019
A fun fragrance sampling for me because it's listed as unisex and I really like the name, ha. However, with the heavy emphasis on white florals and musk, this leans ultra-feminine to me. I'm not a big fan of lily-of-the-valley or jasmine, even for women, so my sample goes reluctantly to my wife, but maybe she'll enjoy it.

The drydown tones down the white florals and musk and you're left with a generic but nice soft-floral, feminine scent.

Projection is light from start to finish and only lasts a few hours on my skin.
1st January 2019
Aldehyde laundry muget. Nicely made one, but there are lots.
20th September 2018
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