Donna Karan Essence: Jasmine 
Donna Karan (2005)

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Donna Karan Essence: Jasmine by Donna Karan

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The four favourite fragrances of Donna Karan: Lavender, Jasmine, Wenge, and Labdanum. The scents are designed to be worn alone or combined.

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Reviews of Donna Karan Essence: Jasmine by Donna Karan

There are 5 reviews of Donna Karan Essence: Jasmine by Donna Karan.

Smells exactly–and I do mean exactly–like the jasmine tea I drink. And, yes, mighty expensive for something so linear.

Donna Karan, as I believe, created the Essence range so that they could be layered with either one another or with another scent, like Jo Malone.

This single note blend of jasmine is both refreshing and inspiring. This is jasmine conveyed as naturally as possible, without the creaminess or the sweetness that is often added to it.

Slightly green in its representation, Essence Jasmine is a fragrance I would certainly like to layer with many of my favourite fragrances to give them a more Spring-like, fresh floral feel.

Jasmine is one of the world's most beloved flowers, having a scent recognizable by many. This fragrance has captured the beautiful, feminine and classic characteristics of the flower itself.

My only gripe with this whole range in general is the price, which is somewhat ridiculous for such a simplistic, and may I say, basic scent.

Some may tip out their wallets to wear such a naturalistic jasmine scent, however in the case of buying it solely for layering, it somehow defeats the purpose. The somewhat poor longevity also comes as a disappointment.

A pure and transparent jasmine; warm, but having a faint cool, soapy note in the drydown. The sillage is quite attractive, as it has ample spread without ever feeling heavy. It's a nice "middling" jasmine, neither too strong nor too weak. Easy; likable; simple as can be.

FYI, I am the number one fan of A La Nuit by Lutens, which is my 'gold standard/benchmark' jasmine frag for all others to be held against for comparison. With THAT being said, you must know that Donna Karan Essence: Jasmine has brought me to my knees! JASMINE! Non-embellished, raw and real as I've ever smelled, which is how I like to smell this flower. A perfect replication of nature! As I smell both jasmines, side by side, the Lutens' top notes seem acetone heavy, and need some time to settle. A La Nuit also possesses a touch of green and is far more fresh than indolic, with longevity & sillage to spare. DK Essence Jasmine is still fresh, but not so green, and the indolic properties of the natural flower are far more evident. I've been using the DK Jasmine body lotion along with the edt spray and have no trouble whatsoever with longevity or sillage. (BTW, the lotion is high quality and true to the scent as well!) Now I have two 'gold standard' jasmines! The downside to this perfect jasmine by DK is the high price and low availability...but this is one flower essence I'm willing to hunt down & empty my wallet for! Highly recommended.

It has been said the a great fragrance should be have complexity and/or abstraction. If you are a strong believer of these principles, you will probably be disappointed with this fragrance as it has neither. If however, like me, you like jasmine with no trimmings, no pretence and no silly names, you will likely enjoy this. One complaint is that the lasting power is somewhat lacking.

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