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Domenico Caraceni (2007)

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Reviews of Domenico Caraceni 1913 by Domenico Caraceni

There are 39 reviews of Domenico Caraceni 1913 by Domenico Caraceni.

It is a very nostalgic fragrance for me. Reminds me of old, neighborhood barbershops where I used to get haircuts and in the end the barber would apply a rose scented powder at the back of the neck. The powder was nothing special but it’s smell became synonymous with good masculine grooming and tradition and this fragrance perfectly captures those memories. Once the powder was on, you knew you were set for a few weeks. I miss those simpler times and simple joys of life. My review is of the vintage version.

Jun 27, 2020

Old city. Young man.
New suit. Old style. Then Time says,
"Hold my rose. Watch this."
Sep 28, 2017

Note: Review is of the current version.

DC 1913 comes across as a rose fragrance that vaguely resembles the structure of a modern fougere. The rose is the most prominent note, but it is a part of an accord nuanced with some restrained, dry sweetness and some traces of green notes. In fact, this smells remarkably close to what a rose flanker of Histoires des Parfums 1725 Casanova would smell like. There is a brief orange note in the beginning, but since then there's not much transition: the rose accord persists.

I'm partial to a good rose fragrance, and consider this to be an improvement on the HdP. However, it has rather thin sillage and average longevity. This perfume would have been excellent if it were more robust, and a notch or two higher in quality. One wonders whether the vintage version is precisely that. It is cosy, elegant, and subtle and very comforting to wear, but eventually leaves one unsatisfied - especially in the dry down.

Jan 22, 2017

Opening is out of sight! The Rose and Orange is classic.
There is an edgy accord of something that reminds me of my sister's 60's plastic dolls. Then the Geranium, well it provides a base that is old Barbershop, as has been said. Overall, it gives me the same feel, (slightly depressing) of Shalimar.
A reach for Ex Idolo 33, Dior Ambre Nuit or Dusita Oudh Infini gives me the Dose of Rose.
For many others though, this could be the Cat's meow. Oh! That Rose and Orange!
Thumbs up!
Oct 7, 2016

This is an interesting smell, so points there. Also points for uniqueness. It has a sharpness or a sourness to it. This almost smells like something I could eat at the top, but then it turns into more of a shaving cream, men's cologne smell, with the edible element in the background. I could almost give this a thumbs up based on the opening, but as it develops, it loses the early promise, and becomes increasingly cloying in the base.
Aug 4, 2016

*Note: This is a review of the current formula of Domenico Caraceni 1913.

Domenico Caraceni 1913 opens with a light, airy rose with a slight dull orange undertone. Moving to the early heart the rose remains, losing some of its initial airy nature and swapping in substantial powder, as the orange undertone grows into a co-starring role melding with a tobacco-like note, giving the composition a balmy overall texture. During the late dry-down the powdery rose-orange-tobacco accord gradually recedes, revealing a touch of radiant frankincense in the base coupling with woody cypress through the finish. Projection is excellent and longevity very good at 10-12 hours on skin.

The original release of Domenico Caraceni 1913 is extremely well sought after, so much so that bottles were selling on places like eBay for upwards of $400 a piece the last time I checked. Unfortunately for this writer that was far too much to risk for a blind buy, so I never got a chance to sniff the original release to my chagrin. It was great news when the composition was re-released, now giving folks like myself a chance to see what the legion of fans of the original were crowing about. Unfortunately, while I haven't smelled the vintage for comparison, the current release really isn't anything to write home about. The open starts off quite nice with a very natural smelling transparent airy rose. Unfortunately, that initial transparency is short lived, as a dull orange note starts out as support, gaining momentum while coupling with an odd tobacco-like substance as time passes to reach near-parity with the now powdery rose, spoiling the party. The overall heart accord really is unimpressive to say the least, and the combination of the powdery rose with the dull orange and pseudo tobacco really reminds me of a cross between lipstick and powdery makeup. On the positive side, the late dry-down salvages the downward spiral rather nicely, as once the powdery rose and dulled orange recede, the composition unveils a fine frankincense and woody finish that smells very good, making one wish they could have just skipped the middle section of the composition's development entirely, getting to it earlier. The bottom line is the $135 per 100ml Domenico Caraceni 1913 starts and finishes well, but its key middle is near-torturous to endure, earning it an "average" rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 overall and a neutral recommendation.
Oct 27, 2015

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