Domain fragrance notes

  • Head

    • crisp macintosh, desert sage
  • Heart

    • juniper berry, ice mint
  • Base

    • black vanilla bean, musk

Latest Reviews of Domain

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Received this as a gift for hosting a party.

Complete Junk! Hate it! I would give it away to the first person that likes it.
16th February 2014
Eh, its okay. It is rather weak. Wait, no, it is extremely weak. And terrible. A transparent woodsy and soapy scent. In fact, it reminds me of another "just because we need a fragrance in our line up" scent from GH Bass (from Van Heusen). I would never give this as a gift even if it was $5 a bottle. One would have better chances with an Avon product.
15th August 2011

My aunt, a Mary Kay rep., gave me a bottle of this for some occasion. I tried to wear it, and appreciated the gesture, but Domain is not for me. The top notes sting of medicine and wasp repellant, and certainly take their time to settle. The middle notes retain the sharpness of the top, but give rise to more approachable petigrain, green berries, ozone, juniper, and...lavender? When the EDT reaches its basenotes, it settles into a non-descript acidic and woodsy accord.When searching for Domain on this website, I came across a discussion comparing Domain to Abercrombie Woods. While the comparison had never struck me, I suppose it is relevant. I much prefer Woods with its hints of vanilla, but would never wear either.
21st December 2008