Dolcelisir fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, orange, caramel, rum
  • Heart

    • jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, cinnamon, sugar cane, cocoa
  • Base

    • patchouli, vanilla, benzoin, tonka, amber, musk

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Unbelievably delicious. The comfort scent, par excellence: a cosy, welcoming, reassuring cloud of gentle spice and all things nice. The notes are so sweet, but somehow Dolcelisir is more translucent than thick and cloying, allowing the sweetness to never become nauseating.

Opens with a noticeably boozy honeyed cinnamon smell and dries down to caramel, amber and tonka with significant remnants of the cacao and cinnamon. It is a smell that hugs you, touches your hair and say; "i know that you did several mistakes but i forgive you". It is like hugging yourself and show yourself empathy. Good performance.
25th June 2022
I get a warm, golden amber with boozy rum. It does have the Ambre Naguile feel, very similar, and doesn't feel cheap in any way. This doesn't have some of the freshness in the opening of the Hermesessance and is more boozy but the feel is the same. Feels best for cooler weather.

Projects very well for the first few hours and then settles down to a very pleasant skin scent. Longevity is just ok.
28th December 2017

After my second day of wearing Dolcelisir I find it to be a great scent. To my nose I get more of a cola vibe which some call a cherry pipe tobacco smell... Either way it is a very pleasant way to start the scent. After the top fades I get lots of vanilla and amber mingled with a little cinnamon here and cocoa there. The other notes listed I don't get a significant wiff of but there is something in addition that I can't place that pops up.... I can't compare it to Hermessance Ambre Narguile due to never having put my nose on that juice, but I find Dolcelisir to be great. It does lean slightly more feminine to me than Meharees (which is awesome as well) but no less awesome for me and a total winner especially for $37 dollars US for 100 ml (I got lucky LOL!). Enjoy!
28th June 2016
This one is a steal for the price. Cherry tobacco with a few light spices. Reminds me a lot of Pure Havane. 8/10
31st January 2016
Great alternative to ambre narguile if you are on a budget. It also shares some similarities to pure havane as they both have that medical cherry vibe which almost smells like marzipan to my nose, but that goes away really fast. But it seriously smells delicious, its a boozy apple pie with cinnamon. I also smell a lot of chocolate and caramel. This is more of an interesting frag than ambre narguile it actually has more going on much more cocoa, prob my fav frag at it's price point. Must try for all gourmand lovers and ambre narquile fans. My wife actually loves this a lot more and thinks ambre narguile smells like a apple cinnamon scented holiday candle to her nose. It last and projects well on my skin.
27th August 2014
I recently purchased this fragrance on ebay and I have to say this is my best blind buy so far. An amazing gourmand this which lasts more than 10 hours, with good staying power for the first 4-6 hours. The opening is rich, boozy from the rum note and has a similar fruity smell to victor & rolf spice bomb and the top notes last on me for around 1.5 hours. There is a caramel note in the background which you get whith the rum fruitiness which would come from the bergamot and orange in the top and slowly when the mid comes in, it smells very similar to Hermessance Ambre Narguile, with the apple pie/ apple struddel vibe. I have a small sample of ambre narguile and to me this has a lot more going on with this fragrance. A youtube reviewer called ' Boo ' gave a perfect analogy of the difference between L'erbolario Dolcelisir and Hermessance Ambre Narguile by saying ambre narguile smells like an apple pie freshly made with all the ingrdients marinading, but not yet been put in the oven, and the apple cinnamon aroma being at the centre stage. Dolcelisir smells like an apple pie just come out of the oven and that aroma fills the whole house, which is so delicious. The mid lasts for long time, and when I thought this fragrance was finnished I got a cinnabon smell at around the 7 hour mark which smells like a sweeter version of L'erbolario Meharees dry down which i also own. This fragrance is a masterpiece and worth blind buying if you are a lover of gourmand fragrances. If you don't like sweet fragrances you might find it to sweet but it's fine for me. Men don't be put off that this marketed to women, it smells very unisex to me and I have asked some women if it smell femminin and they said it smelt masculin on me. A high quality fragrance at a really good price 10/10, a good compliment getter too.
11th March 2014