Dolce Vita 
Christian Dior (1995)

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Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

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Dolce Vita is a women's perfume launched in 1995 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

There are 65 reviews of Dolce Vita by Christian Dior.

Fragrance In Three Words: Peaches and Cream

This offering from Dior is sadly discontinued in favour of Miss Dior flankers.

This fragrance features a vivid apricot and peach note. The fruity notes are blended beautifully with an old school powdery rose and a sweet vanilla base. Lasted around 6 hours on skin. It's subtle and not a massive projector.

It's slightly too girly for me, but if the price was on par with current Miss Dior I would add it to the collection.

Rating: 8

Fun! But way too much, and for way too long. Reminds me of an unhinged Rochas Femme. Maybe it's her wine aunt?

The millésime version was excellent.

It was like a yellow Féminité du bois
where the plum has been swapped for 'pineapple' & 'apricot',
and then, later
all of this fades as a dry Amber comes through.

Even if it was (partly) derivative,
the old Dolce Vita was still exquisite,
unlike the modern formula - which is,
well ...

Imagine Fellini's three hour classic
slashed to ninety saccharin minutes for easy consumption;
that's what they did here.

Then : 4*
Now : 2*

It opens with a lot of cardamom, which reminds me of Kenzo Jungle l'Elephant. When it dries down, the sandalwood is dominant. The vanilla and the cinnamon are not very strong on me, not that sweet type in L de Lolita, but just enough present to 'feminise' the fragrance. It's a sophisticated and elegant scent, that captures you discretly and then grows on you. The longevity is 8h+ and it doesn't project too much.

Originally written in 2013.

The first hour or two I get a delightful combination of peach, vanilla, cardamom, lily, coconut, heliotrope, and magnolia. Always rising to the surface is cinnamon and rosewood. These two ingredients let me know they are there, without being overpowering. After a few more hours cedar, bergamot, and rose emerge softly, as the spicy notes disappear.

This is a fine offering from the house of Dior. Personally, I like it better than J' Adore. It's as though more thought was put into Dolce vita, than ever was with J' Adore.

Great longevity.

The lady of the woods. Dolce Vita is a harmonious blend of fruits, vanilla and spice that is sensuous as it is comforting. One of those unforgettable fragrances that evokes happy childhood memories as it makes you feel you are in a deep quiet wood with dappled sunshine warming the sea of violets. It has that spicy cinnamon, with sharp,sticky woods and a drop of powdery vanilla. Very niche woody quality. Sweet, radiatnt, fascinating, glamorous, blissful, endlessly enjoyable and utterly feminine.

The fruitiness and spice of the peach, apricot, cinnamon and lily rubbed with a dark, honeyed wood of cedar and sandalwood, encrusted with the radiant flash of vanilla that gives a body and character to the fragrance and express sensuality as envelope her in warmth. The sweetness in this is not sugary sweet but more of a cinnamon, spicy sweetness for autumn. The scent is like a viscuous peach liqueur. Perfect in a chic dress and stilettos at an classy restaurant. It is a little dark and very enticing, a little cold but very comforting. Could be worn anywhere at anytime.

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