Dolce fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli leaf, papaya blossom
  • Heart

    • white amaryllis, narcissus, water lily
  • Base

    • cashmeran, musk

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A little while back I thought I was infatuated with this scent. It turns out it was just a pleasant like, testing it today I realize I have no desire to purchase a bottle of this. I certainly like the smell and wouldn't turn down a free bottle but it's nothing special. To me this smells like a very pretty shampoo. I'd enjoy for my hair to smell like this but I do not need a perfume that smells like this.

If you are in the market for a fresh girly smelling perfume this is a good one and I'd recommend it to a young girl getting into perfumes. The scent is non-offensive but nice and the bottle is charming in a sophisticated way not a tacky hot pink with rhinestones femininity.

Longevity and sillage are not the best, but again for a young girl who doesn't own perfumes or is used to body splashes this won't be much of a disappointment. For someone like me who already has a selection of fresh floral scents to choose from, some of which last all day, I can't justify buying this, although something in me tells me I need to anyways... (probably that cute bottle, it's hard to resist!)

I feel indifferent about this scent overall but it's still a very nice one and I don't want to deter other people from testing it so I'm leaving a positive review instead of a neutral.
18th March 2019
I picked up a 1oz bottle of Dolce for a steal, and I'm not disappointed. It is what it is. It shares the same place in my collection as Versace Versense, just without the citrus. There is a note in the background of Dolce that's addictive and keeps it from getting boring, but I can't quite place it. It might actually be the combo of cashmeran and musk, neither of which have worked on my skin very well in the past. If my hunch is right, then I'm one of the lucky ones whose skin works with Dolce and keeps it from getting synthetic or screechy.

Overall, this is a watery, feathery-light, slightly creamy white floral that I will enjoy for the summer but may not repurchase. Definitely worth a try if you find it at a discount. I never would have paid full price.
6th July 2018

A nice fresh, fruity, floral scent, that suits an early Spring day. I cannot fault it. It's crisp, without over-bearing.
5th June 2018
Nice soapy floral scent, semi strong. No citrus opening, subtle dry down.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: cream blue/green
Words I think of: fresh shower, garden
Age suitable (objective): 25-40
Rating: 6.8/10
27th December 2016
The essence of femininity in a bottle. Dolce is a beautiful floral fragrance with a pleasant freshness and lightness. An epitome of elegance and delicacy. It is that cool crisp early foggy morning air you catch while standing in front of a small lake filled with white water lilies. The kind of scent that lifts your spirits and never lets you down. Very feminine and delicate with a hint of sophistication. Fresh, watery, clean, soapy, gentle, musky, dependable, floral, subtle, positive and completely inoffensive.

The water lily fuses with the neroli into a lovely hybrid that smells fresh and clean and then sweetens up just a bit with the touch of orange blossom. The base is a pale woody musk finished in warm. Sunny tones slightly earthy. In fact the dry down becomes a gentle soft feminine scent. A very interesting mix and not truly boring or sickly like so many fresh perfumes. It smells like a leafy mixed spring bouquet.
Dolce is easy to wear and great for office wear, a casual day out or by the pool. I also would say this could easily be wor by ane age woman. It conjures up the image of feathery light kisses.
27th June 2016
Sweet and sophisticated fresh floral - without being 'old' or dated. Watery, airy qualities - without losing potency. And that's where its strength lies. It has pretty decent lasting power for being such a light and aquatic scent. There's nothing necessarily unique about this - I'm not sure I could pick it out in a lineup of similar fragrances, but it is nice.
13th June 2016
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