The scent uses Headspace technology to capture the scent of Freshly Laundered T-Shirts and Wet Cobblestones. We're unsure that these even have smells! The bottle is designed to echo skyscrapers.

DKNY Women fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blood orange, chilled vodka, tomato leaf
  • Heart

    • yellow waterlily, green coral orchid, daffodil
  • Base

    • freshly laundered t-shirt, wet cobblestones, white birch, tulip tree bark

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A pleasant nondescript citrus eau de cologne.

Almost a non-scent for my nose, despite repeated applications. Another of those fragrances for the person who does not like scent, but feels he or she must wear something.

This could never offend since I doubt anyone but the wearer could be aware of it. There is the hint of a very dry and very distant leather in the mix, as if someone wearing a leather jacket wafted by three minutes ago, leaving "something" in the air.

Harmless, nice, but no award winner.
15th March 2016
Genre: Citrus

DKNY Women shares character, if not content, with Mugler Cologne: an unabashedly chemical presence, a strong suggestion of fresh laundry, an effervescent citrus so abstract as to be unidentifiable, and a bright, translucent countenance. The citrus and clean musk come dangerously close to smelling like shampoo or a household cleaner, especially as the flinty aldehydes that accompany their entrance start to fade. After the first ten or fifteen minutes' wear DKNY Women is a crisp, linear, skin scent that from time to time reveals surprising hints of sillage. The laundry musk drydown lasts a couple of hours before trailing off. In this antiseptic, abstract, postmodern eau de Cologne style, I actually prefer the more chameleonic and elusive Mugler, but DKNY Women makes pleasant and ironically gender neutral hot weather refresher.
12th June 2014

I love this perfume, people always tell me how nice I smell whenever i wear it. I find it hard to get hold of, Would wear it everyday, fresh, feminine without being too flouncy. In my top 5 favourite scents.
31st January 2014
For me this doesn't have the same effect as traditional French perfumery, which enhances bodily smells; it cancels them out. If you're a big fan of musky, leathery, and animalic notes DKNY Women is unlikely to win you over. It has a place in my fragrance wardrobe for the days I feel too queasy to wear fragrance.
1st April 2013
Clean and refreshing but unfortunately not my cup of tea. A pleasant enough lemon-scented detergent blend in my opinion.

I'll give credit to this fragrance for being unique and modern. DKNY is like a mixture of fruits, soapiness and spices. There is also a subtle hint of alcohol, like vodka intermixed with the citrusy top notes.

I have actually smelt this on a girl that I used to work with that really did this scent justice. On her DKNY smelt clean and pretty but on my skin this fragrance is acrid and strong. It really depends on skin chemistry with this scent.

I read somewhere that there was a note of wet cobblestones in this fragrance and somehow I sense it. DKNY does remind me of a city just after a storm, the smell of damp concrete and stone. A fascinating scent to say the least.

This is a relatively light scent which lasts a great while on the skin. I can't say that I disliked this fragrance, I enjoyed it to a certain extent just not on myself.

12th June 2011
Utterly pointless, totally banal. Save yourself the money and dab some fabric conditioner behind your ears.
28th February 2011
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