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Donna Karan (2004)

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DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

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Reviews of DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

There are 76 reviews of DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan.

This perfume has a glorious sweet candy apple opening. It's like eating a green Jolly Rancher. Then within minutes, it's gone, leaving almost nothing. Still, I can't hate it.

Unusual opening. The cucumber grabbed my attention right away. Then, a piercing magnolia takes over. It is rather shrill for a brief time. Eventually, a greenish, apple-like note, mashed with green-flowers take over. Overall, a bit too bitter for my taste. It's okay, I guess.

The flowers mix with a gentle base of amber, which smells almost musky. Not what I expected - I wanted more "real" apple.

the scent is okay but not my cup of tea. the apple is too artificial to my taste.

will give away my bottle to a friend that really love this.

I LOVED this perfume in the bottle, on the card. But, for the life of me I just could not wear it. I would get hot, nauseous and deep a headache.

I was such a fan that I even bought a double roller bottle a few years later at Sephora. The other end a Blossom or something version but the result was still the same.

That said, I have to be careful as smells have a huge effect on me.

Chemicals smelling like green apples.

Scrub it off. Better still, don't buy it and throw your unused samples away.

I have to wash it off each time I try it. I feel it's well made, so I try and try again. I was given the bottle and it's half empty after years, yet I haven't worn it for a full day. The apple and magnolia accord makes me sick... but I'm giving it a neutral because I know it should be nice, fresh, happy, and it has good sillage. Longevity is ok.

A very happy and nonchalant, inoffensive scent. Not exactly exquisite, but well-rounded and... happy.

I really love this scent. It is subtle yet energetic. Not too loud or overpowering. I love the light fresh scent that lingers nicely. This is definitely an every-day scent more so than a night out. It doesn't have the excessive sweetness that some of the other DKNY scents have, and that is wonderful for me! No headache with this!

This is the only fragrance I have yet been gifted twice and gave away -twice. And, last year I received a big sample with an order so I gave it another chance. Nope.

I can´t make the cucumber-magnolia accord work on me any better than I have tried. And it keeps coming back to me, like Annabelle.

It is indeed a refreshing scent, but unlike Light Blue, the apple note is too sweet for me to handle. I do like the men´s version though.

I bought the rollerball, so my experience might be skewed from the difference in application.....

I don't get ANY apple! I get lots of the cucumber though. Since I hate to eat cucumber, I'm not really digging the cucumber scent in my personal space. That being said, this is a nice, crisp and fresh scent, and I can appreciate it for that.

Only 2 stars though, because I applied at 9am, and then had to reapply at 12pm. Perhaps the perfume spray performs better! Not a winner in my world...

Crisp,fresh,delicious,innocent and popular these are characterestics MAURICE ROUCEL fragrances just like this one.DKNY BE DELICIOUS is absolutely fruity.subtle in the nice way.girly,urban, modern and versatile.

The composition opens with refresh and relax of cucumber but without being cheap.i can feel apple in the middle notes and personally i like this notes more.base notes is soft and unpretentious with my skin.overall a little aquatic.

it brings you feel fantasy like running in the fruit garden in a summer day.this is a perfume for an active and cheerful of the best everyday fragrances during summer as can really cool for warm days.It is great for someone looking for a perfume with a delicious composition.

Though it was incredibly popular in its days, i see that the fame has waned. So i think nowadays it is a good opportunity for retro lover ladies. I always liked Roucel's work with this one.

The classic and refreshing green apple smell of DKNY makes me smile.

It is very safe, fresh-fruity, crowd- pleasing, office-friendly and generic scent. It is not expensive, and it lasts all day and its projection marks huge and you guarantee to leave tail when you walk past.and It is not headache inducing.
It is shame that I personally find nothing interesting in its scent but if I want to look like rest of the world under the radar, I use this.When I am too busy to choose scent of the day plus I don't want to think anything, I don't want to feel/express anything but I just want to smell polite and pretty, I turn to this. Every perfume in your wardrobe has its purpose.

I like this scent in general, but it smells a little young for me (I'm 34). I like it for jeans and a tee shirt in the summer time. I prefer less fruity and loud scents over this type, but it's an easy wearing scent. I'd put it on the level with a bath and body works scent. Not bad, not great.

Edited: tried it again today just after showering and it confirms what I suspected: melon/cucumber notes turn weird on my skin.

Longer description: Applied it after drying myself from shower and it actually started OK. Finally I could smell the green apple and a hint of lemon, and the cucumber was soft and not offending. A little soapy too. Not what I expect from perfume (more of a shower gel scent, or shampoo), but pleasing in a simple way.

Unfortunately, as my skin warms up and starts smelling like me (and I like my natural smell very much), the cucumber note turns weird, overpowering, synthetic and rancid.

My chemistry and this scent do not mix well. But now I see that this scent could be nice in a different skin.
The only perfume I own that I actually hate. A dear friend gave it to me, so I have kept it, but I really do not like it.

I cannot smell apple at all. Only artificial cucumber (a natural cucumber smell would be nice, but this one is too artificial) and something sweet and annoying. When applied, I think I can smell ammonia, but it could just be my hate making me imagine it.

Big apple juiceCitrus with cucumber starts it off, but soon the apple fragrance takes centre stage. A touch if violet and rose in the drydown play the second fiddle, and apart from a light wood impression apple remains the name if the game. Silage and projection are all right, and longevity not bad for such a summery scent at four hours. One of the better apple scents.

Glad I only have a tester I was never really tempted to buy this because I didn't fancy smelling of apples (logically it should smell of apples, being shaped like an apple and all) but I was sent a tester so I thought that I'd at least have a go with it.   The overwhelming topnote on my skin is cucumber, so bright and clearly that I just had to wash it off.  I don't like cucumber at the best of times, but synthetic and over loud cucumber is really not what I want to smell of, and frankly it could have the most fabulous dry down of any scent in the world and I still don't think that I could make myself wear it.   It lasted 10 minutes before I couldn't bear it any more.

This is really a very fresh and clean summer scent, mostly cucumber with a tiny hint of apple that becomes stronger as the fragrance progresses. Absolutely perfect for sticky hot summer days when you want a bit of a cool down, or if you're not really feeling up to wearing a perfume. Inoffensive, cooling, and just an all-round crowd pleaser, you can't really go wrong with this one =)

at the beggining it reminds me of cucumber but there is something else in it that spoils the "fresh feeling".alltogether this parfume smells very fake...suitable for girly girls 15-25 years old. definately not for grown ups....

I've worn this since it first came out in the UK. Fabulous fruity and sexy daytime scent. Never overpowering. However, I'm now looking for a change, anyone have any suggestions.

Being a native of the Pacific Northwest corner of the U.S. I have spent time in apple orchards. We're known for our Washington state apples. Be Delicious smells to me exactly like spring in the orchard. Strange how scents like cucumber, grapefruit and muguet turn the apple note to apple blossom to my nose.
The sample I have is of the edt and it's very light on me, but I like it!

This is apple at its very best.

DKNY Be Delicious is not tarty or sour like I expected it to be, the apple note is fresh, juicy and pretty.

This would make the perfect Summer fragrance. The additives of cucumber, magnolia and lily-of-the-valley makes this fragrance so very soft, feminine and crisp. There's an element of watery freshness which makes this fragrance ideal for really hot days.

The woodsy undertones in the base of this scent is fantastic and very different. A definite highlight for me and a great credit to Maurice Roucel who created this very popular fragrance.

DKNY Be Delicious' popularity is probably what turns me off buying this fragrance. I can't stand the thought of smelling like everyone else. Regardless of how much I enjoy this fragrance, I can't convince myself to get it.

Apple is a really difficult note to get right apparently. If it's wrong, it's just wrong. I think Be Delicious gets it right for the most part...the apple here is tart and tangy. A nice warm weather fragrance that's kind of unisex, like a classic eau de cologne. DKNY is the purveyor of good fragrances. They have yet to deliver a great one; but I think someday they will. The decanter for this is truly great though! It's tactile and delightful and pleasing to hold and look at. Karan's bottle designers are some of the best.
The user ratings here are split in a three way tie. I find usually that if opinion is split down the middle, LOVE/HATE style you've got something really unique on your hands. Here it's split three ways, which I read as "opinions on this are really firm". That means (to me) you've got something quite good on your hands.

All I smell is apple, melon and cucumber. I don't really get much floral. I don't think it works very well with my body chemistry, as I get a sort of "sweaty" scent after a while; I can't quite explain it. The bottle is cute, but a bit hard to handle in my opinion. Sillage is good though.
Overall, it's OK, but it doesn't have much depth to it. A bit boring, really.

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