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Initio (2015)

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Reviews of Divine Attraction by Initio

There are 5 reviews of Divine Attraction by Initio.

A warm and thick animalistic leather + incense composition that is zhuzhed with ginger, maybe a touch of cumin, flavoring the incense and leather at the opening and then with iso e super in the base. For just the scent of things, Divine Attraction is a winner in my book. It has far less synthetic and musk confusion than some Initio products, and it smells mellow with a low toned tempo and slight hint of animalism that always stays in the background providing a consistent masculine context to whatever is happening at the surface edge of now. This is one of the better Initio creations and I am happy to have a bottle in my toolbox.
Jul 3, 2021

Very nice leather and frankincense, with a chocolate-y patchouli in the background, and even a subtle cherry-esque tobacco. The drydown is about a beautiful earthy dry vetiver.
This leather/vetiver combo has already been explored in frags like TT Ursa, Kilian StH and Gucci GA, but here it takes a different direction, with some sweetness in the heart and dryness in the base.

Does it deserves its price tag? Imo: no. Even at discounters pricing (~$180/90ml). It’s a step up compared to PdM, but still a bit too mainstream-quality to play in that price league, and below average performance, unacceptable at that price point. (The reason it’ll only get a neutral rating from me)
Still, if just considering the scent, it’s a pleasant surprise after the disappointing Rehab, and I will keep an eye on pricing. When it’ll go below the $100 bar, I will reconsider it. In the meanwhile, there are much more interesting frags in that price range to explore. Glad I got a hard discounted decant.

4/5 for the scent, but overall 3/5 because of poor performance and price point.

Colder seasons, 30+
Oct 13, 2020

Divine Attraction is a funky leather, kinda like a new car smell. It's sharp and smoky with some rubbery and chemical qualities reminiscent of wood sealant. Really powerful sillage as well, I was taken aback at first spray. There's vetiver here too but at least in the opening it is just blown out of the water by the in-your-face leather. Personally it's not my favourite leather I'd probably prefer some that smells a bit more natural, but it at least makes a statement, that I can get behind.
Feb 23, 2020

A new car with an open box of motel soap sitting in the passenger seat. Boring.
Jan 3, 2020

I've to say that nothing about Initio Parfums catches my interest. Their whole aesthetic and the style of their fragrances remind me too much of a whatever arabic-inspired insta-niche brand. A sort of early-Kilian wannabe but with less focus on marketing.

Divine Attraction makes an exception though. I was honestly expecting a bold animalic leather but with much of my surprise what I got was a simple and yet very striking leathery-vetiver with industrial facets. Think about an hypothetical love-child between Comme Des Garcons Tar and Garage with a bit of Knize Sec thrown in and you get the picture. So, nothing really animalic or *human* here. This is all about rubbery vetiver and smoky leather turning soon into a clean (almost aseptic) woody-incensey base. The fragrance opens quite brutally with an arresting leather note akin at a motor-oil type of accord. In this phase Divine Attraction feels very industrial and daring but it tames down pretty soon unveiling a smooth and somewhat less interesting drydown based on the cleanest vetiver and other smartly dosed woody notes. Again, very simple and surely overpriced but, at least, not as clicheted as I would have expected.

Very nice, after all, even though I find its life-span a bit too short. It starts very promising but it dies down way too soon.

With that said, if you're drown to modern industrial fragrances, Divine Attraction is worth a sniff.

Jul 14, 2016

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