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Diorling by Christian Dior

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Diorling is a women's perfume launched in 1963 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Diorling by Christian Dior

There are 15 reviews of Diorling by Christian Dior.

EDT (1980s) from a sample. Opens with a bitter orange/hyacinth sneer before slouching into leather, vetiver, and oakmoss. The florals in the heart are just there for irony as the fragrance swings from “f*** you” to “f*** me.” Lauren Bacall in fetish gear.

Leather Chypre. A Dior answer to Cabochard. I expect that my sample is Vintage as a Bitter Hyacinth and Oakmoss start, softens and billows. Severity moves to the background and reveals a beautiful, slightly green Rose. The edge of LOV slices through a vegetal and ever so slight,doughy Iris. LOV is shown similar to that of Lauder for Men. In fact, throw in a little Juniper, Clary Sage and it would turn to the Masculine from that of Unisex.
Beautiful scent!
I know I'm a bit of a Heathen here, however, I would wear this ahead of the more popular, genderless Diorella.

I loved the original Diorling, but the current reissue is a great disappointment. The original was a beautiful leather-chypre fragrance, and always reminded me of a more forceful version of Patou's Caline; where Caline was softer and slightly powdery, Diorling placed more emphasis on the heavy leather notes.

I'd been really looking forward to Diorling being reissued, but, as with Diorella, Dioressence and Eau Fraiche, the formula seems to have been drastically altered. Whereas Diorella and Dioressence are still recognisable, I really don't think Diorling is. Somewhat leathery notes against a patchouli background, with some quite odd, almost sour green notes are what I get from this fragrance now, which is really a great pity in comparison to how the original was.

I bought the reissue without having trying it first, hoping it would not have been changed. Very disappointing, especially as the original was one of my all-time favourites. I certainly would not buy the current formulation again.

The original gets a definite thumbs up, and the reissue a thumbs down, so I guess a neutral is appropriate!

Barbara Herman found Diorling to contain:

"Bright florals, and a touch of green, with a mossy leather base. Narcotic florals and leather saddle effect. Leather is Bandit like, then powdery and mossy. Dry down is fruity rich."

Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Oakmoss, Bitter Orange, Nasturtiam, Fruits

For me, this is a bright floral chypre. I don't get a leather reference at all. What I do get is wonderfully old-fashioned, out of the 1940s, and reminds me of Schiaparelli's incomparable Shocking. It's far sweeter than the acrid Bandit to my nose. There is a wonderful burnt sugar effect that is common to this chypre category.

Anachronistic for its time, but wonderfully welcome. Seek out only the vintage formula.

I have a vintage bottle of the spray parfum that comes in a fluted bottle with a gold scroll design on the cap--but OMG--one spray on a cotton ball, and into my bra--and it is the loveliest
"new car'' leather you could ever imagine. The reaction is always What are you wearing??
I guess it's new Jaguar or new Cadillac leather-but manages not to come off masculine..they aren't made like this anymore, although I must say I haven't tried Lancome's Cuir yet

Hello Luvah!!! First spritz and yeah, it's old school in a big way with a large barnyard accord. I love this facet of old perfume making. I find the juxtaposition of opposing notes makes everything just a bit "more". Then there's a weird yeasty/floral period, then leather, or rather an interpretation of leather which is also what I find Bandit to be. In my mind, so far, the only fragrances that truly approximate leather for me have been Chanel Cuir de Russie and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Black Leather Jacket. Next some lovely florals and indoles, then barnyard, then it starts all over again. And the next day when I put on my housecoat, it was mmmmmm, which one did I put on yesterday and yeah, it was Diorling, still there, still beautiful, still intriguing. Just for info, my husband flipped for this and I have given total nasal fatigue with my "smell this and smell that". I didn't even have to ask, he volunteered, "what is that, wow, THAT I really like" While many may pine for Diorling in its vintage form (as I've stated before that's a road I won't set one toe on), the new version (2012) is very old school, doesn't smell like anything else and I would rebuy. Let's all at least give Dior credit for not abandoning all their old greats. 10 thumbs up. In fact, worth hoarding . . . .

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