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Christian Dior (1956)

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Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

It was bought for me but whereas I loved the initial hit, like being pelted with fresh flowers, it very quickly smelled 'wrong'. Just didn't suit me :(

Sickly sweet, so much so I could taste it. Too much jasmine/franjipani.

I'm torn on this perfume. Roudnitska. He was a genius and I'm an admirer of his other work. His works typically seem to have the thoroughness that denotes a masterful technical proficiency, but also an integrity of concept and intention.

I've only smelled the recent Diorissimo EDT, and I've tried to dissect the floral notes he's used to compose this ostensible lily of the valley soliflor. I get a green jasmine, a watery hyacinth, a languid ylang ylang. No base, no underbelly, no shadow. But what I get when I step back from dissecting it smells remarkably like an air freshener. Not a chic parfum d'ambiance. I mean the electrical socket plug-in variety.

A moment of seeing how the geometric lines come together to recreate the watery yet oily feel of muguet. A moment trying to sense what Diorissimo must originally have smelled like. A long sigh. Put the strip away for a few hours and then check again. Distressing reassurance of everything I initially thought. (And yes, I tried it on skin, too.)



awful.Very synthetic,very noseeating.I can stand it

I hate Lily of the valley with a burning passion (don't know why), so Diorissimo is like an olafactory horrorshow to me.

a combination of whale vomit and a cheap knock off of miss dior... explains a lot :P

I just received this perfume in mail today, so excited couldn't wait to unopened the box and test smell it. I LOVE the scent of Jasmine & Tuberose, brings me back my childhood memories of our Jasmine field. However when I smell the first spray, I am so so so disappointed, it smells very synaptic & too overwhelming with too many scents all at once. I am writing this note with a huge headache and dizzy. I can't even wash off that smell; there goes my $65.00 purchase. Anyone wants?????

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