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Dior Homme Sport (2022) by Christian Dior

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Dior Homme Sport (2022) is a men's fragrance launched in 2022 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Dior Homme Sport (2022) by Christian Dior

There are 4 reviews of Dior Homme Sport (2022) by Christian Dior.

Imagine trying to sniff Grapefruit and the men's cologne formula through a plastic bag only to realise you've kept said bag on your head to long and are on the verge of passing out.

Dior Homme Sport [2022] by Christian DIor (2022) is the fourth vision of Dior Homme Sport (2008) we have received since the original was penned by Demachy when he was still just a contracted perfumer for Dior and not its house perfumer. This newest and last-by-his-hands is arguably closest to his original vision, which did not have iris in it either, although he would reneg on this in 2012 - and again in 2017 - with versions that had differing amounts of the star ingredient in the original Dior Homme (2005), created by Olivier Polge for Hedi Slimane, kick-starting the line. Demachy tinkered with this scent in 2012, but never again touched it, focusing instead on other flankers that he would toy with, but never to the extent of Dior Homme Sport. The original 2008 sport flanker was a citrus and woods melange that starred ginger in its core, while this 2022 version is more in line with the reimagined Dior Homme [New] (2020) that replaced the outgoing iris masterpiece from Polge. If you are still up in arms about that replacement scent, you're better off leaving this one be as well. However, if you do in fact love the "new" Dior Homme and want a version that wears better in summer, with even more of a mid-century homage structure, look no further.

The opening of Dior Homme Sport [2022] is fresh and vibrant, but not sweet or aquatic at all. Francois Demachy is old enough to remember what sport scents and flankers used to be: lighter and more lively takes on the original pillar if flankers, or just basically more-bracing and bouyant scents that didn't have the deep musk notes or amber-heavy bases of men's fragrances at the time. Dior Homme SPort [2022] returns to that 1960's-1980's take on the sport scent, offering a lighter and brisker Dior Homme 2020, with elemi and cashmeran over Iso E Super "cedar" staying the star of the show. Bergamot and lemon mix with piercing aldehydes that recalls mid-century citrus chypres, similar to but more airy than the opening to DIor Homme 2020, with pink pepper and olibanum as new inclusions in place of vetiver and patchouli in the rebooted pillar. There is still some of that sour bracing musk profile from Dior Homme 2020, but it is drier here. Performance is good, and projection is far better than any sport scent can rightfully lay claim to, so this may not seem so "sporty" if you're thinking it will wear like a classic Lacoste. Still, it is good for the gym or outdoor use aesthetically, and very resolutely masculine. This last tidbit is something the older sport flankers could never claim to be.

I feel like this was the parting shot for Francois Demachy that we all thought Dior Homme 2020 was, when he recently announced his retirement and replacement by Francis Kurkdjian (whose own house MFK is also under LVMH like Dior). Guys who didn't dig the iris will love this so much more than the outgoing Dior Homme Sport [2017] by Christian DIor (2017), which didn't get much love from the iris fanboys either because it wasn't intense enough of an experience in that department. Those guys had their shot at a fresh iris scent with Dior Homme Eau by Christian Dior (2014), but not enough of them bought it to keep it on the books, and it was gone before anyone realized what they had. On the same token, if you already own something like K by Dolce & Gabbana (2019), you probably don't really need this, although it isn't super similar, just covering the same purpose territory in my mind. A classic sport scent with modern construction isn't going to have many fans in the subdivided-by-snobbery online fragrance community, but this isn't for the usual self-styled "colognoisseur" types anyway. Sample and if you like it, buy it now and not later, before Francis Kurkdjian makes his own. Thumbs up

Excellent work, but wrongly marketed. Greener than green, at least to my nose and on my skin. Retro, classic and masculine. Had Dior issued its Homme line in the 1970., it'd smell like this. Not criticism at all, au contraire. This instigates positive emotions.

This fragrance has little if anything to do with the name "sport" in my opinion. Strictly looking, imagine a guy in his early forties, the year is 1976. lets say for the fun, he wears a chekerd vest and plays golf with his buddies. That's the impression of DHS 2021/2022, at least to me. This flanker wasn't made to be liked by the younger crowd. Was this the intention or not, you be the judge of that.

Out of all DH Sport flankers, this one is the most classic, the most work in the office fitting, or appropriate, and the most formal.

Conclusion: retro, classic, green, sharp, fresh, formal.

Originality: 7/10
Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Projection: 6/10
subjective impression 8/10

Some are saying that they get a vibe similar to Sauvage Elixir. Sort of makes sense. I would say it is slightly drier and less sweet than Elixir. In the air, I think it smells clean and masculine. The lack of sweetness makes this geared towards 24+, but anyone can pull this one off. But I'll be honest; the initial opening/impression wasn't very impactful. I think I prefer the previous sport versions and would just opt for the normal Dior Homme, or maybe Dior Homme Intense.

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