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Reviews of Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Christian Dior

There are 12 reviews of Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Christian Dior.

Smells nice, but I didn't care for the extra citrus in this one. Still not bad though. 7/10
Feb 11, 2021

Dior Homme Sport comes off to me as the Dior Homme alternative made for guys who think the original was too feminine.

It starts off with a pretty bright citrus opening that, upon first smell, makes this seem like one of the umpteen million indistinguishable "sport" fragrances out there. As the citrus starts to fade, it comes across as an orange/iris scent to me; sort of a bastard child of Terre d'Hermes (2006) and the original Dior Homme (2005), made exceptionally clean in an almost neroli-like way. I'm really not picking up any vetiver in this, and the sandalwood -- though it makes for a solid base -- gives this fragrance a really "common" vibe. I feel like I've smelled Dior Homme Sport countless times in other fragrances. It's certainly a very clean presentation of the Dior Homme iris, but the whole thing just feels too much like it was "made for the malls."

It's not bad at all, but it just does nothing for me. It's a "better than average" sport scent, but it's not something I'm willing to part with any shekels over. I'm giving this a neutral.
Aug 11, 2019

Unsurprising. Citrus opening. Dior homme heart. Sportier. Lasts less time. Projects less. I actually like the opening, but the muted heart makes me sad.

Forgot I had reviewed this, wrote notes and did it again. Still reads true. It opens super nice, I really like the opening. I keep wanting to like this fragrance. I love the idea of a classy upscale sport Homme. It smells good, but falls flatter and flatter as time goes, and dies really quickly. A few fresh ACs could make this better, and at the end of it I'm always a little sad for this little fragrance.
May 14, 2019

Dior Homme (2005) is a line that has undergone more reinvention and reboots over it's life than even the infamous Gucci Pour Homme (1976) with it's reboots and sequels, but to Dior's credit, they have never eliminated nor replaced the original pillar like Gucci have. Instead, this reinvention is confined to the flankers, with the likes of Dior Homme Cologne (2007) seeing a reboot in 2013 as an entirely different fragrance, Dior Homme Intense (2007) being reorchestrated into Dior Homme Parfum (2014), and Dior Homme itself being reinterpreted without the gourmand notes as Dior Homme Eau (2014), but none of them have seen the sheer amount of revision that Dior Homme Sport (2008) has received. This is the review for the third version from 2017, but a previous revision also exists from 2012. Dior Homme Sport (2017) in this state is only a slight tweaking of the 2012 version to include a brighter fruit top so it better fits the sport theme, which is something this line's iris-lead composition is really ill-equipped to handle. The first version was lead with citron, ginger, lavender and red pepper with a sandalwood base, then the red pepper and lavender were removed in the 2012 version while the sandalwood was replaced with cedar. In addition to the fruitier opening, this version sees the sandalwood returning to the base, and pink pepper taking the place red pepper once inhabited in the heart, along with the addition of vetiver. Fans who mourn the smoother and piquant approach to the original will probably be best with this 2017 edition, while fans of the drier and sharper 2012 edition will be unhappy with the changes here.

Regardless of all the musical chairs perfumer François Demachy has forced Dior Homme Sport to undertake, it still does not quite feel like a sport fragrance, but we can squarely blame that on the ever-present iris across all variants of Dior Homme, since it's playful androgyny and formality are the hallmarks of the line and the very things keeping any version of this from feeling athletic. Granted, this is a lighter, brighter, and fresher take on Dior Homme, but so is Dior Homme Eau for that matter, so where this fits is really just wherever you want it to in my opinion. The scent opens with grapefruit, blood orange, and lemon, which is three times the citrus of previous versions, and accounting for the fruitiness. Outside that, it develops as one might expect from a Dior Homme flanker, by going into that lovely iris. Nutmeg and the aforementioned pink pepper flank the iris, making it a bit warmer here than it will be in all other variants save the original or it's more-intense variants, but the citrus fruits keep it vibrant, making Dior Homme Sport feel like the most youthful of the line. Sandalwood and sharp vetiver come in the base, with a touch of the original's leather, but Iso E Super does most of the talking and diffusion in the end, giving Dior Homme Sport a bit of an annoying woody aromatic chemical burn vibe that feels raw and less-sophisticated than its siblings. I guess this is the intended way to achieve the "sport" feeling, and it's not enough to make me dislike the stuff, but worth pointing out. I still think Dior Homme Cologne is the best for sport or hot weather use, but this is a close second with the bright citrus that stays throughout the wear, with Dior Homme Eau following up the rear as semi-aquatic take. Dior Homme Sport will serve well in summer and spring, or for casual get-togethers. I find this a bit too bouncy for the office, but to each their own. Wear time is decent at 8+ hours, and sillage is average.

As mentioned above, where Dior Homme Sport fits in a wardrobe is up to the wearer, since it does not really pass muster as a gym or running companion in my books, but does find favor in warmer conditions much like Dior Homme Eau, whereas the original Dior Homme would suffocate due to the gourmand and oriental characteristics. It all comes down to how many iris-lead masculines one guy needs in his wardrobe, since iris itself is a very challenging note for CIS heterosexual guys used to smelling it in their girlfriend's foundation makeup as is, so wrapping their heads around smelling like it themselves is a toughie. Still, if you're a huge iris fan of any gender that doesn't mind having a bit of an ozonic top and aromatic base mixed in, nor have the gumption to just wear Guerlain Shalimar (1925) out of the house, Dior Homme Sport is for you. In fact, if you are simply in love with the Dior Homme line, collecting the sport flanker might be in order, as it is the brightest and spiciest version of Dior Homme that still manages to keep a strong tie to the original, but without feeling redundant. In some ways Dior Homme Sport reminds me of what merging Creed Millésime Impérial (1995) with Dior Homme could be like, with a bit of surgical alterations. Guys who don't really like sport scents have nothing to fear here, but guys who don't like a ton of flankers and just want the core experience should probably skip this little redressing by François Demachy and stick to Olivier Polge's original landmark work from 2005. Thumbs up from me because I love iris, but don't dive in without testing first, even if you've smelled others in this serious. If anything, this should just be called "Dior Homme Summer" because that's where this seems fit for use the most.
Feb 17, 2019

More sharp citrus in the opening but the drydown is sweeter and lighter than the 2012 version. Also, less iris overall and doesn't last as long either, goes to a skin scent faster.

I get worse performance from the 2017 version but the smell is nicer while it lasts.
Mar 7, 2018

Either my sample is a fake or this is an instantly forgettable faceless fresh aquatic. No depth at all. I will order another sample to be sure.

Fragrance: 3/10
Projection: 3/10
Longevity: 3.5/10

I ordered a second sample from Notino instead of ebay. This one is completely different to my first sample and I see the similarity with Dior Homme Eau. It is very light with some pepper but to be frank rather an irrelevance as far as Sport Colognes go. It is very weak. A non event.
Bleu de Chanel Edt is much stronger, it starts off very fresh and then suffocates you after an hour or two with pepper as is the custom of the less well thought out sport colognes and even more the case with the EDP.
Feb 6, 2018

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