Dior Homme Sport (2012) is a masculine fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy.

The fragrance is a relaunched version of the 2008 fragrance of the same name.

Dior Homme Sport (2012) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Sicilian Lemon, ginger
  • Heart

    • Tuscan Iris
  • Base

    • Virginia Cedarwood

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Latest Reviews of Dior Homme Sport (2012)

I find this fragrance very calming, like the sort of scent I want to wear for myself. Those moments on the hotel balcony when you take in the view by yourself with a beer. It's the iris and citrus mixing together, one is keeping me invigorated while the other is keeping me grounded and relaxed. I don't feel this has anything to do with sport, in fact it has more to do with elegance and being calm. The ingredients in this feel of good quality if only they stuck around a bit longer. A Very pleasent summer cologne.
10th September 2018
I am a big fan of the 2008 version of Dior Homme Sport. A great casual summer fragrance, very lemony, rich and the lemon is paired to the brilliant central accord of Dior Homme, but only a smidgen of the latter.

Now exploring the 2012 iteration, I find that the lemon is toned down, while the Dior Homme accord is more prominent together with ginger. So far so good, it would seem. However, the dry down, as so often, is where everything comes apart. It degenerates into an overly synthetic smelling accord of woods, to the point of being abrasive. In comparison, this would make something like Chanel's Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport seem like composed of rare essential oils.

25th May 2018

Lemony with a little spice and something kind of "greasy"? The great iris note is there throughout giving it the Dior Homme DNA, making it feel refined and classy but I keep getting hints of something just slightly unpleasant like I was in a restaurant earlier in the day that fries food. I know that sounds crazy but that's what it reminds me of.

Linear throughout. Average projection. Casual or office, should be good in closed spaces. I get longevity that lasts all work day.
5th March 2018
Ginger winds blow through
Citrus powder-covered trees
In Dior's snow-cube.
22nd June 2017
This isn't all it's cracked out to be. Granted it smells nice.. performance is very very poor. I have much better "Sport" fragrances in my wardrobe. This one literally has to be reapplied every 2 hours, as I only get 2 hours on my skin. Yes this is DHS 2012, from an authentic dealer.

I suspect the overwhelming support is from Dior brand enthusiasts. I would probably not recommend this to anybody, because it lacks so much in performance. Smells great though.

17th May 2017
A great feel-good scent from Christian Dior. Dior Homme Sport retains a slight bit of the oriental character of the original Dior Homme, with a freshness and spice that makes it a great scent to wear at any time or occasion. It has the wonderful iris and cedar notes that are present in Dior Homme Eau, a big favorite of mine.

I see Dior Homme Sport as being midway between the sweetness of Dior Homme and the vetiver greenness of the other great flanker, Dior Homme Cologne, kissed with the cleanness of Dior Homme Eau. Yet, this fragrance definitely has its own solid character and is decently in line with the others.

11th February 2017
I have to state that among my vast collection of colognes this is my favorite for everyday wear. I of course love YSL Nuit, Dior Homme, Sycomore, etc, but this scent just makes me feel better when I'm wearing it. It's sporty but at the same time interesting. Dior has had some misses recently (Sauvage anyone) but this flanker has impressed me at least.
21st January 2017
I have to first start by saying that I will do my best to stay neutral when reviewing this fragrance because in my personal opinion it is one of Diors best including their higher end line and that is saying quite a lot.

Dior Homme Sport unfortunately had to bear the name "Sport" but in actuality this is far from a sports fragrance. This is too good to wear doing strenuous activity. Maybe adding the word "Sport" was a DIOR inside joke. Like saying "DIOR DOESN'T PLAY". But no...I know they just wanted to capitalize off the "SPORT" craze at the time of the release.

DHS is elegant while playful, interesting while having wide appeal, and is a fresh scent that can be worn in any season. What blows my mind about this is the way DIOR took HOMME and made it more versatile and youthful. While you could wear DH in warmer weather it lacked freshness which the ginger and citron add to DHS in spades. This is the real answer to BLEU DE in my opinion. I can't see Sauvage over this.

While I like the smells of EAU and COLOGNE i can't understand why Dior would create an Homme flanker that competes with DHS. They are very redundant if you own DHS and DHS is arguably the superior fragrance of the trio. It's also the most interesting of the three to my nose as well.

DHS's only downside is it's performance. It lasts 5 hours on my skin which I hate. If it lasted 8 hours I would love it more than DHI which is my favorite of the Homme line because it's a more versatile fragrance. One may question wearing it during the winter but its a great indoor scent to wear and in the cold most of us are indoors a lot anyway. And well hey, any serious frag head owns empty atomizers and the smell of this is worth the chore of decanting and reapplying it. If they did an intense version of this I'd probably do flips tho...

There is a place for light scents too and DHS fills all those occasions for me. It really works when you want to wear multiple scents in one day. While its highly loved and known within the fragrance community its very overlooked by the broader public. I get more compliments wearing DHS than any other from the HOMME line. Women for some reason aren't as fond of DH and DHI on us as much as so many of us are but DHS receives a lot of love from the opposite sex in my experience when it's noticed.

Simply Put: A versatile top shelf smell which will go fast in a smaller collection. To me the smell of DHS is worth its small inconveniences but others may not agree.

8.5/10- Would be a perfect fragrance if it performed...but that smell tho...
27th April 2016
Not bad, but not as good as the 2008 version. Still one to have in the collection. This is a summer gem IMO. The Projection and Longevity is average, but a winner nonetheless. 8/10
4th March 2016
It's okay, but it's no better than, say, Lavin L'Homme and five times the price.

The weakest in the Dior Homme range.
12th November 2015
In brief, it's not a very good Dior Homme flanker (: - does not live up to the DH name - BUT, it is a likable, easy to wear sport fragrance that is one of the better "sport" frags. When I smelled it first at the Dior display, I recoiled - what flanker would leave out the soft iris/suede/languidity from its namesake Dior Homme? It didn't sell me! A year later looking for an easy to wear sport fragrance - wow, this one emerged as a winner for the category. It opens with a subtle lemony citrus, a spritz of ginger, mellow light woods and warm soft base. It radiates good times. How can you not like the sporting, everyday, outdoor quality?

As a Dior Homme flanker 4/10. As a sport fragrance 8/10 :)

EDIT: I have come back to Dior Homme Sport (2012) trying to compare it to the new 2017 version and am even more impressed with the excellence of this 2012 version of Dior Homme Sport. The opening is very common and sport scent oriented with its ginger spiced lemony citrus. But, the dry down which picks up some warm pear vanillin Dior Homme iris tone is unique and creates one of the best sport scents ever. It is shame this one is replaced now with a new version that while it is sparkling and fresh lacks the character and sporty simplicity of either of the earlier Sport versions, this 2012 Dior included.
26th September 2015
Revising my original review of Dior Homme Sport as I came to the realization that I had mistakenly sampled the original Dior Homme instead of DHS. DHS is nothing like the rest of the DH line and probably deserves it's own distinction, but such is the world of fragrances' names.

DHS escapes from the DH line benchmark Iris note and is instead carried almost entirely by it's lemon and ginger notes, with ginger winning out. DHS is a very light fragrance and fitting of the "sport" name, although it reminds me of a cookie that is served in Japan. DHS is lemon and ginger and some soft basenotes, but mostly it dries to a slightly sweet ginger with some lingering lemon. It's soft and very well done. A nice scent for Florida's heat and humidity.

6th April 2015