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Christian Dior (2020)

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Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

Survivalists talk about the Grey Man. The guy so ordinary you ignore him in the street.

And that's what Dior have done here. A bland musky thing with no iris, just sweet woody flowers and cocoa, and a tiny smidgeon of pepper. Perfect for those who want to go un-noticed.

It will most likely be a huge hit.


A new Dior Homme (a brand new completely different fragrance rebranded/renamed "Dior Homme"), a completely different peppery virile Francois Demachy's creation newly marketed as the "iconic" fragrance of the maison (bearing its name), the Dior's new idea of contemporary signature masculinity. If you appreciate damp, musky, vaguely agrestic, woody, "rainy" creations a la Terre d'Hermes, L'Erbolario Ginepro Nero, Montale Red Vetyver and Rouge Bunny Rouge Tundra actually this one could bè for you another (smoother, muskier, more urban and "rubbery") take over their humid forest-theme. Dior Homme 2020 (if compared with the superior "old" Dior Homme) is another concept of contemporary man which explores the "deep forest's muskiness-theme" indeed (in a more civilized soothed way if compared with Terre d'Hermes or Tundra, for instance). It smells about musky/resinous (vaguely rubbery and definitely peppery) atlas cedarwood. The latter plus pink pepper and wet sticky vetiver (plus conoferous resins) are definitely central, on a base of synth cashmere woods and iso e super "neutral" kind of vaguely gummy muskiness. The general atmosphere is initially silvan, rooty/hesperidic and decidedly assertive, while finally turning out musky and drier, a quite different stuff if compared with the freshly suedish and frankly more modern concept behind the old glorious iris/vanilla/suede-centered Dior Homme's formulation (which I definitely prefer over the next 2020-version). This recent release is simply another concept of fragrance, less dandy/classy/mondane and more woodsy, virile and moody. Dior Homme 2020 is initially hesperidic, humid, musky, peppery, cedary and boisè (vaguely a la Terre d'Hermes but in a tamed less earthy way), overall gradually soothed by hints of musk and vague synth rubbery suede. Pink pepper is not so piquant but is definitely heady and featuring. Juniper berries, pink pepper, vetiver, fir resins and earthy patchouli are progressively merged in to an enchanted mossy-damp atmosphere of the northern lands' wild woods. The forest-dampness gradually recedes in order to disclose a sort of musky neutral cedary/piquant affair. Not my ideal take on masculine fragrances but a solid choice for the lovers of this peppery woodsy genre. To me the old fabulous Dior Homme is "from another planet".

This fragrance is the child between a very elegant rich old woman and a businessman in his 20s. It opens up fresh, very nice...then it goes through a kind of disappointing powdery drydown, which should've been a little bit fresher, maybe keeping the top notes in the heart. The last hours of this fragrance are pleasant again, but obviously at that point, you barely have any projection, so the experience is slightly disappointing because you wasted the golden hours of your fragrance with a strong powdery note

The bottle looks amazing and the fragrance itself is nice and elegant, my only issue is with the powdery heart, it's nice, but the wrong notes are in control.

Nice longevity and projection, though.

P.s: I have never tried the previous versions, I can imagine they were blended much better

Nice fragrance, but they should have named it something different and kept the iris note in there like the original. Pretty safe fragrance that will be noticed by folks around you. Slightly woody and kind of fresh. Totally different than the original. Usually folks are offended by fragrances not having originality but in this case, they should have left it alone.

I'm not offended by this, and it does smell like a restrained use of the most grating modern ingredients, with a touch of Dior panache. But I'm not that into the style. Plus, I already have Bleu de Chanel and never use it, which is similar. YSL also had a version of this, L'Homme Libre.

I don't understand why morphing such a classic, almost perfect and elegant perfume that Dior Homme is into something so remote from it, while keeping the design of the bottle and the name.

I mean, I don't think Dior Homme original is already outdated after 15 years and it has the potential of the best landmarks that Habit Rouge, Shalimar, N0 5 and others of the same caliber were.

Not to say that the new Dior Homme is catastrophic, but it keeps nothing for the original except maybe the beewax sort of start. The rest is not bad and not as potentially vulgar as Sauvage Edt but it has nothing to dream about. It resembles a little Roger& Gallet homme Sport if you know it. A little more complex but you get the idea.

My 2 questions : why was is necessary to create such an ok but really forgettable scent, and why using the name and design of one of the best men perfumery creations in history ?

A reformulation could have been made for instance, maybe by lightening the powdery element in the Edt and keeping the rest. There used to be a cologne version in the late 2000s that had this characteristic and it was fabulous but they stopped it and replaced it with the first Sport flanker, and then the new cologne version that is very close to Allure Cologne, but has absolutely nothing to do with the first creation of their cologne : this disappeared cologne used to be very close to the edt in smell and juice color without the powdery aspect.

I might get used to the new 2020 Dior Edt some day but I will stick to my beloved Original Edt and Intense for years. Extraordinary male perfumes.

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