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A new version of Dior Homme. The original will still available as Dior Homme Original.

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Reviews of Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

There are 23 reviews of Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior.

Purchased online thinking I vetted this as Dior Homme Original. I was wrong, and decided it was just easier to keep it.

It has become amusing to me the way Dior Homme 2020 was so universally trashed on in the fragrance community even as it was logical since they messed with what seemed like a fragrance that should stay as an all time classic.
As a Dior Homme Intense fan myself, I was certainly wary and dismissive of this before I wore it

The reality is that even hardcore iris snobs have had to come around and admit the truth; Dior Homme 2020 is an exceptional fragrance and a superstar office choice. The pink pepper/elemi along with the bergamot in the opening is delightful and the cedarwood-y blend with the vetiver and musk is top notch. Once I made sure I had Homme Intense, this became joy to own and wear. It is as classy as they come regarding office/formal scents. As long as it is judged as it's own fragrance and not a poor replacement for Dior Homme Original it could very well be the best choice as a daily signature office fragrance. Not to sweet, not too green, not too overpowering, fits any level of formal to casual, covers an entire spectrum of ages with a timeless class. This classes up a younger person and shows impeccable taste on an older man. I would go so far as recommending this as a great first choice if starting from scratch to choose a work scent.
Total thumbs up
Aug 19, 2021

Not the Homme I love but still a good scent. Crowd pleaser.
If you're looking at buying any Dior Homme get Homme Intense; the iris is beautiful.
Jun 18, 2021

Dior Homme (2020) has had quite a bashing since it was released, solely due to the marketing department at Dior having made a big mistake: using the exact same name of an existing popular fragrance, based around the iris note, originally released (by Dior) in 2005. The name confusion is no excuse really, as the 2020 version is a very good scent on its own and should not be confused with its predecessor, now known simply as 'Dior Homme Original'.

Dior Homme 2020 is a fresh and invigorating, masculine, woody scent that is a no-nonsense, versatile fragrance. Although it opens with bergamot and pink pepper, it takes many twists and turns before it dries right down, which bring to memory many other modern fragrances. Dior Homme 2020 contains a number of long-lasting synthetics such as ISO E Super (the cedar, 'pencil-shavings' note), a touch of ambroxan (ambergris, amber) and cashmeran (cashmere woods). The nearest related scents to my nose are Escentric 01 and Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules. It contains very little if any sweetness or powdery notes (a big plus for me). Some have drawn parallels with Terre d'Hermes in the opening and even Aventus in the far dry down. The entire scent comes across as something quite familiar, yet it becomes something hard to pinpoint.

Prospective buyers should not be put off by any of the notes/ingredients mentioned above or the scent's misleading name. The whole fragrance is totally inoffensive, office-friendly, can be worn dressed up or down and remains a crowd pleaser that never becomes overwhelming or cloying at any point.

This is quite the contrary to Dior's other recent chemical waste release, known otherwise as Sauvage, which was too overpowering when sniffed up close (yet surprisingly pleasant when smelled on others from a distance). Dior Homme 2020 feels entirely natural and airy. It blends well with skin chemistry and it lasts remarkably well on both skin and clothes. It was its 'pull factor' that had me smelling my arm after applying it.

All in all, a very appealing aroma that screams masculinity, class and sophistication. Just don't judge it by its label!
Jun 4, 2021

This is just gross. It doesn't matter how light you are on the sprayer - you're going to smell like the dreaded "Cologne guy". It's generic, but I don't mind generic if it's well done. This is screechy, headache-inducing and nauseating. Blech. The only reason people might tell you you smell good is because they'll definitely notice you're trying to. The annoying screechy wood note is incredibly loud and projects like crazy.
Apr 20, 2021

This has been thoroughly reviewed so I won't wax lyrical. Enough to say this is, for me, another perfectly balanced elegant,smooth Patchouli. Demachy is back into my good books. I would have to say that if it wasn't for my large bottle of Pavarotti, I might be tempted.
Mar 8, 2021

This is like Homme Intense, but with the ambrette and iris toned down. Very fruity on the initial spray, but it deepens and gets real woodsy in 10-20 minutes. After an hour or so it becomes sort of musky, with all the other notes there unobtrusively mingling. It lasts long enough for a night out, and is unique and interesting enough to garner questions and likes. I have not had the chance to test the sweat factor yet, as in if and what it will smell like after sweating a bit. Very well executed and interesting enough to warrant a buy and a rotation into your routine. Still haven’t decided if this is a Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer scent though. Time will tell.
Oct 21, 2020

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