Dior Homme Cologne 
Christian Dior (2007)

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Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior

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Dior Homme Cologne is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior

There are 23 reviews of Dior Homme Cologne by Christian Dior.

Love the initial blast of citrus, it is very well blended with other notes that tone down the harshness. But I really wish this stage would last longer, maybe it does and I just get fatigue.

This is perfect for summer, as it doesn't cloy in heat like DH and DHI. Really wish I could buy this formula new today...

I'm slightly in two minds about this, as I am about the whole the Dior Homme line. I am among the 25% or so who find the EDT too feminine by far. However, the iris and cocoa that I object to in the EDT are ramped up so dramatically in the Intense version that I find it a big improvement; and perhaps one of the easily available designer fragrances that also happens to be one of modern classics of male perfumery.

DHC seems to aim to provide a lighter experience, withdrawing some of the iris and prioritising the usual cologne accords with some musk to finish. It starts off therefore with a denuded iris component that is still too much for me, although it is more redolent of deodorant than it is of the interior of an old handbag. The later stages segue into very familiar cologne territory. It's a long wait, and I wouldn't say particularly worth it. The quality is clearly there, with good potency for an EDC. However, I don't get on the with iris, even in this reduced dose, and there are better things out there for better prices. My personal approach will be to buy DHI, at some point, for the purposes of nights out or similar; but I cannot imagine a set of circumstances that would lead me to cross paths with the EDC again.

Utterly boring, synthetic and sour. However, if you enjoy the smell of of bedsheets right out of the dryer you will adore this.

Nice classic cologneCitrus and bergamot - a classic core, witha light white musk in the drydown. A bit disappointing in it's lack of development but this is not unusual in a cologne. Good longevity of four hours.

This is really a very modern barbershop fragrance. This is how a man should smell like after being at his barbershop. Dior Homme Cologne is the MODERN cologne they should spray on you after your haircut. Now, the thing smells wonderful but does not last an hour. It should not be called Dior Homme Cologne but just Dior Cologne because that little word HOMME makes you expect the caracteristic iris of Dior Homme but it is not present in the fragrance. A good fragance anyway.

Pros: Modern
Cons: Doesn't last

I love the sharp woody iris when this goes on. It's very femme and brings back childhood memories of my mother putting on perfume. In the drydown, however, as it turns progressively more chocolatey, it loses its magic and becomes a rather trite scent. I like it. I just wish it was able to sustain the romantic elegance of the beginning through to the end.

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