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Christian Dior (2005)

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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

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Dior Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2005 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Dior Homme by Christian Dior

There are 307 reviews of Dior Homme by Christian Dior.

I bought the deodorant stick on a blind buy.

It smells like powdery moisturising cream with a hint of vanilla.

It's not offensive, but it's boring and practically unisex. Should be stocked in the hand cream section of the supermarket.

OK, so I just got a sample of the new Dior Homme 2021/2022 reformulation and, frankly, I'm a bit pissed off. They took out the iris?!?

For anyone who's been under a rock, Dior Homme used to be a wonderful iris with violet on top and a luxurious leathery chocolate/vanilla drydown. It was, without question, the best quality men's designer scent in wide circulation and, especially at discounter prices, better than or as good as many niche/luxury iris perfumes at ten times the price.

And now they've taken the iris, violets, leather, vanilla, and chocolate out and it smells like thin artificial lemon over weird artificial wood. There's an odd greasy food note (chicken bullion? the powdered flavor packet that comes with ramen noodles??) in there that's gross, but I guess it's an attempt at "character".

Just unacceptable.

Like it's counterpart, Dior Homme Intense, I am always amazed that this is considered masculine. It's powdery and cool and fairly unisex to my nose, perhaps with a hint of barbershop, but mostly soft powdery iris. It's a very nice iris blend, but I prefer the Intense for it's strongly vanillic dry down. That being said, neither to me are manly scents. Maybe they are cuddling fragrances, but my grandad wore English Leather and it dried down powdery like this on him, so to me, powdery scents on men are aging, no offense intended to those who prefer them.

Iris, woody, leather and spicy, very cologney and grandpa smell- reminds me very much of something my dad wore mid 80s-mid90s which I can't put my finger on...

Very nice cocoa and wood notes in late dry down but it takes way too long to get there.

Pretty good as far as designer scents go but they just don't do much for me these days.


Oh Dior, you comfortable warm friend. My bottle is circa 2015 and it quickly became part of my daily rotation.

The open is very much a blast of department store lipstick and powder goodness that's often mentioned.

Once dry, you get into the cocoa leathery bliss that makes it special. In this case the leather shows up as spotless leather furniture rather than old worn-in jacket.

Growing accustomed to the iris blast opening took some time, but the more masculine leaning dry down pushes it slightly left of unisex (though it would probably be incredible on the right kind of lady).

Intimate enough for date night, this really shines as a crowd pleasing daily scent (especially in cooler weather). Fairly sweet/powdery so wouldn't recommend as a blind buy but definitely gives the impression of a well blended mature scent that stands out from the crowd.

Overall two thumbs up for its depth and warmth!

Nice. But Dior Homme Intense is nicer.¡Viva los perfumes florales para hombre!

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