Dior Addict Shine fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus notes, raspberry
  • Heart

    • gardenia
  • Base

    • cedarwood

Latest Reviews of Dior Addict Shine

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come on girls, there is nothing bad about this other than the longevity.

I would categorise it as a floral fruity with a backbone (that is cedar). Unlike the Escadas and Moschinos this smells playful and elegant at the same time. I can smell raspberries first of all. A little bit of citrus only (myself not a fan of citrus fragrances , which is a sign there is no tangyness overdone here). Gardenia and Cedar to further balance it.

Like I said it is kind of a careless and happy scent yet elegant, a lot less cloying than its sister J'adore. I would say it feels like wearing elegant white designer outfit in summer and no lingerie under.... I know ;)

16th September 2011
Dior Addict Shine EDT notes include: cedrat, raspberry, gardenia and cedar wood. I like the sparkly citrus opening, its tangy and bright like raspberry lemonade. But that is where it ends for me, on my skin I don't smell much gardenia or the supposed cedar base note at all. Zero longevity, completely gone in an hour. Too bad, I really wanted to like this one for summer. Honestly, I can't see anyone spending money on this unless it's an impulse purchase from spritzing at the counter...and a Dior no less!
6th April 2010

This is very light and citrus-y, top notes are pure cedrat, which might be just a little too much lemon for some people. I happen to like it once in a while, depending on a mood I am in, it also softens up a bit as the fragrance develops (might be a bit of a strong word, as this is a very simple perfume, and not much development is happening here...). Must be raspberry and gardenia... cedar is listed as a base note, but I do not detect it on me. Stays very fruity-lemony the whole time. Overall, very pleasant, appropriate for office wear, will not offend anyone. Does not last long.
24th July 2009
I'm surprised this isn't the personal fragrance of some dodgy reality TV star. Chigwell chav for about 10 minutes then the relief of it totally disappearing. Thank God for small mercies.
12th April 2009