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Din-Dan by Lostmarc'h

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Din-Dan is a shared scent by Lostmarc'h

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Reviews of Din-Dan by Lostmarc'h

There are 5 reviews of Din-Dan by Lostmarc'h.

Smelled like Lemon Pledge initially and on my skin it disappeared within an hour, thankfully.

Sounds so lovely on paper. On skin it becomes the perfume equivalent of Lemsip lemon cold & flu drink. Disappointing.

I liked the first whiff of this. Then something changed and it really didn't want it on me anymore -- from playful, very sweet lemon it started smelling a bit too flowery/soapy. After a half hour I absolutely had to wash it off. I love citrus but this was way too girly and flirty for me.

Lovely stuff, a warm comfort lemon scent, if you can believe there is such a thing. You could wear this anytime of the year, not just for the warmer months. Din dan smells like lemon sugar cookies, with bits of lemon zest in them, after the initial blast of lemon. Don't let this description scare you away! More lemon than cookie, and just a touch of sweetness. Very nice, not complicated, don't try to overanalyze it, just enjoy it! (If you want a more serious lemon, try Limone di Sicilia by i Profumi di Firenze. That one is more lemon and zest.)

DinDan is an uncomplicated non-sweet zesty lemon scent with a hint of lime. I think it is best described by comparing it to others in its genre. For example, Fresh's Sugar (not Lemon Sugar) is lemon with a dash of vanilla, whereas Mona di Orio's Lux is meyer lemon gently rounded out by amber and a hint of marshmallow at the very end. Then you have Guerlain's Philtre d'Amour which starts off lemony but then develops an intense petitgrain note that becomes aggressively masculine (and almost unbearable to someone who prefers a lighter fragrance). Of course, the gold standard of lemon scented fragrances is that old 70's classic, Love's Fresh Lemon Cologne, which is what DinDan resembles most closely in terms of smell and staying power. Hey DinDan, I'm digging you!

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