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Diesel (1997)


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Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

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Diesel Plus Plus is a men's fragrance launched in 1997 by Diesel

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Reviews of Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

There are 51 reviews of Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel.

One of my all time favorite scents. Bond. no 9 Lyfayatte smells nearly identical if you looking for the same scent but with a bit more longevity. I was sooooo thrilled to discover this :)

Another lovely scent from diesel.
Fresh milky creamy.

Sweet, spicy, and milky smooth. A very casual scent but versatile for all seasons. It's not cooling or warming to me.

Performance is decent. Actually projects very well and the scent lasts 6-8 hours.

found this discontinued gem.really marvelous milky creamy musky scent.

Woo hoo....a budget version of Givenchy Xeryus Rouge! Lasts a long time and is generally pleasing to wear. Fruity, musky, woodsy - strong but balanced. Grab a bottle from your nearest discount store! ;^>

I bought this fragrance as a nostalgia-buy, as I used to wear this in the early/mid 2000s and remembered enjoying it (gaining a few compliments along the way). I was glad to see that it's now a bargain-outlet scent at a price to match (£10-£15). It's apparently discontinued, though I had no trouble finding a bottle from a wholesaler on ebay at a good price.

I do get the 'dairy vibe' from this, although it is a pleasant, non-cloying sweetness (rather than spoiled milk) veering toward a slight coconut warmth as opposed to straight-up milk. It has a verbena-lemon citrus alongside this (kind of sherberty rather than 'lemon-fresh'), which is mellower on the skin than from the cap. Projection isn't spectacular here, but it does mean you don't need to be too careful about overdoing it. Would definitely class as a casual / casual-office scent (dress-down Friday as opposed to executive), or for a dressed-down night-out at the local. Not a date scent (unless your date is a confirmed fan of 90's fragrances).

I was initally unsure of the product origin as mine has Marbert Cosmetics listed on the bottle, though after checking, it seems this is / was the legitimate producer of Diesel Plus Plus up to 2006 (http://www.basenotes.net/brand/diesel) so may have unwittingly grabbed a vintage.

Overall, it could be said to be a younger fragrance, although I can only see people over 30 remembering this now. I'm a believer that some fragrances get compliments purely because they invoke nostalgia in someone who might have fond memories of it. I've got one or two from girls my age (35) who recognised the scent. It's definitely a late-90's / 2000's product, so is ideal for any previous owners in their 30's-40's looking for another bottle at a decent price.

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