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Diaghilev by Roja Dove

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There are 23 reviews of Diaghilev by Roja Dove.

For my birthday, I splurged on some pricey Roja decants.

Diaghilev is the best of them. I can sort of see it as similar to Mitsouko but feels a lot richer than the version of Mitsouko I tried. Not loud, but potent. Odd sort of longevity that recurs long after you thought it was played out.

It's a wonderful scent and I'm glad a have a small decant but would never spring for a full bottle of this, even if the price were much lower. Doesn't really suit me, but I'll milk this decant to the end.

It's elegant and would make a great compliment to a dressy evening for sure.

I've never been a good notes analyst and nothing springs out for me as dominant.
Clever, well crafted chypre that does smell pricey.

Absolutely stunning. Fruity florals and dirty, earthy green. Like walking through a forgotten place, the ancient stone structures with moss growing from the dusty cracks, and experiencing the scent of time itself.

Only tried this once so far, but so far so good! This smells wonderful and reminds me of a cross between Amber Cologne and Musk Cologne from Bortnikoff, at least it does in the opening. I've got to spend more time with the dry down as I was far too distracted with life situations when the dry down arrived and I couldn't focus on it like I wanted to.

I could've sworn I smelled ambergris in this one, but maybe it is the civet lurking in the background. Anyway, I need to wear it many more times, but I certainly enjoyed my first wearing. An excellent Chypre that dances on your skin like a Tinker Bell sized Russian ballerina...just beautiful!

Review of the Parfum

After a brief introductory moment of citrus (bergamot, lemon, line, and orange)and fruity blackcurrant buds with peach, one enters the core zones of this creation.

Firstly, a floral intermezzo, which, after an slighly creamy ylang-ylang scents the scene, on me mainly consists of a dark-ish non-waxy tuberose and a somewhat simple rose; the tuberose has more depth and nuances. An equally dark violet, and a dscrete jamsime impression. A touch of a gently spicy heliotrope prepares me for the next phase, which is the main game, ad this main game is chypre:

Now a large cluster of many notes arises: mainly a mix of oakmoss, benzoin, civet,labdanum, dark musks, ca touch of clove, a fairly intense cumin, a harsher styrax and a dark but not very harsh patchouli. together with a herbal touch - tarragon mainly - and an underlying tarragon, the chypre nature of this creation is becoming evident; at times is has more of a balsamic undertone than one expects from a classic chypre. There are hints of a dark leather that is not particularly soft, and a slightly earthy vetiver with hints of nutmeg, but the latter two are very weak and perfunctory on me. In all this mix the core chypre character remains in the foreground.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hour of longevity on my skin.

This scent for autumn evening is an interesting take on the chypre concept. It presents many typical classic component one expects, with some contemporary variations here and there. Some of the large amounts of ingredients hardly make a meaningful impact on the whole individually, and that result in a bit on an overload of notes, but the Parfum is blended so well such as to result in enough development to entice, and displays good depth and texture. The allusion to ballet seems a but arbitrary though. 3.5/5

I really wanted to LOVE this, as generally enjoy a well made chypre, and this had many positive reviews, and notes I love. I tried a sample from reliable source -- several different times,in fact. I just didn't "get" the blissful experience others seem to enjoy. There were moments I enjoyed in the dry down. Then I'd catch that gritty bitter underlying tone that made my nose wrinkle for the first few minutes always seemed to be in the background like an annoying gnat,longevity was 4-6 hours.
Guess I should be glad I didn't fall in love with it, given the price! I may try Misouku as it has been mentioned as a similar scent.

I have to confess when I read one review about this being "mainly a feminine musky floral mix that comes off like old lady perfume, I was kind of apprehensive about trying it especially when you take the cost into account but make no mistake this is Red Riding Hood's Wolf hiding in Granny's panties. A very pleasant with fragrance with the occasional reminder a killer frag takes no hostages.

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