Diabolo Rose 
Les Parfums de Rosine (2007)

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Diabolo Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Diabolo Rose is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Reviews of Diabolo Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

There are 7 reviews of Diabolo Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine.

Why do the rose and the mint refuse to join hands and dance an airy minuet? Instead they race at each other across the floor, missing each time. Could it be that pesky pepper making their pants itch? Fortunately that's gone rather quickly, followed by Monsieur Mint, leaving our demure rose turning into body lotion. There's no doubting the quality of materials used in this one, but I'll sit it out.

Despite the list of ingredients I get two notes: a pure pink rose and a light minty note and maybe some of the bergamot which however won't last 10 minutes. If I was a woman I would probably buy it because I really like the combination but Diabolo Rose misses the kind of "oooomphhh" of freshness on the minty side to win me over. It's very soft and tamed and just a little more body to it and more intensity á la "Géranium pour Monsieur" would make Diabolo Rose and me a perfect match. Furthermore the longevity is not great. Once again a nice concept for a fragrance but the execution is too conservative for my liking. One might rather buy a pure rose fragrance and a pure mint fragrance and just layer them.

Diabolo rose is extremely fresh. I agree with the note desciptions below, and it is a pretty simple and straightforward composition, so i won't have more to say about it by way of note analysis. I have found that many of rosine's scents are male appropriate despite the feminine classifications, so it would behoove a rose loving guy to try them out. In this case though, dabolo feels decidedly feminine. On paper it looks like it might work as a unisex, but the reality is that the individual components seem to stack sweet on top of sweet just a little too much for a man to wear without something acting against the sweetness as a counter-balance and contrast.

This one could be a summer drink! It smells of sparkling, citrus infused water. Add a sprig of fresh mint, a slice of lemon and a big, pink rose. Shake and serve. Very refreshing.

There are a few background florals in the heart, lily being a little more prominent than others, but no doubt that a pink rose is the star of the show. Once the rose starts to fade, it is joined by a soft sandalwood and maybe a dash of amber to add just a hint of warmth.

But this is mostly a refreshing, summerwear rose that is light on it's feet and ready to play. Fun!

I am sampling Diabolo Rse in a sample pass organized by 30roses.
My impression is that of fresh green natural scent of cut roses.This natural fresh greeness must be from the mint (decidedly a supporting note)and bergamot.The roses are very present in this composition;and I agree with Jemimagold in Diabolo Rose's similarity to YSL Paris.It also reminds me of The perfumer's workshop Tea Rose .
Way into the drydown I can smell the peony and possibly a mix of the musk,amber and sandalwood.Lily-of-the-valley never makes an appearance.
The longevity is not especially good as dreams&drafts said but a fresh "hit" of green&roses isn't nessesarily a bad thing.I like this and will keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on a bottle.

I wore this all last summer when the weather was hot and humid, and frequently in winter as well, and my bottle is almost gone. Who doesn't want to smell like the green drifts in a darkly shaded garden? The mint in the top notes is more the living plant leaves you bruise in your hand when picking herbs than artificial mint; I think some who were expecting chewing gum were disappointed and some who feared chewing gum never tried it, because this never got the accolades it deserved. Tomato leaves and maté add to the overall greenness, and the lush rose note gives a shadowy gravitas as well as an overall smoothness, but it's never dark or heavy, nor is it harsh and bitter. It stays crisp and cool right to the end, without drying down into vanilla or anything hideously sticky. Its biggest problem is that the end comes sooner than I'd like, but it's the sort of thing that's sensuously pleasurable to reapply. It's not sweet, a refreshing change from the usual women's fragrances, but, although it's feminine, it's only a women's fragrance in the sense that a freshly pressed shirt and a black leather watch band are women's items. The name refers to the juggling game and isn't a poorly spelled ‘diablo', in case you were wondering where the devil went. :)

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