Dia Man 
Amouage (2002)

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Dia Man by Amouage

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Dia Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2002 by Amouage

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Reviews of Dia Man by Amouage

There are 70 reviews of Dia Man by Amouage.

Dia Man Amouage lasts long.

has a fantastic orangey opening that stays around very little.

the dry down is remarkably similar to my skin and nose to vintage Guerlain Vetiver. Is it a clone? The driest of vetiver, the bitterness is very gentlemanly. Great on hot days.

as this is 2022 - lasts strong after handwashing and covid-19 alcohol hand sanitisers!

I like it but wouldn't pay the asking price.

The top notes are combining the bright - bigarade lemon - with the spicy - cardamom and labdanum, with the latter's resinous character seamlessly developing into and incense notes that takes over on the way into the drydown.

The the white floral brigade invades our olfactory realm. An ylang-ylang comes to life, and ylang that is more light and slim than thick and creamy. Whiffs of muguet are there at times, a good sniff at the peonies, as well as plum blossoms, and they are all rather pleasant and counterbalanced by a good orris.

The base is a shade darker, with wood notes - rosewood is prominent - and an ambery suede. The soft and dark patchouli lacking any sharpness - rounds off the olfactory trajectory.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin, with the last couple of hours characterised by its disappearance and reemergence over time.

An agreeable scent for cooler spring days using ingredients of good quality - some of them quite rarely used and original - but many of them lack intensity at times. Still, overall a good creation. 3/5.

Dia is a civilized even toned slightly powdery masculine with a floral personality from warm uplifting and sunny Ylang Ylang, Peony and Plum blossom. In Dia Man florals are balanced with a dry cool leathery but soft base of cardamom, vetiver, patchouli, palisander and suede. I definitely smell the palisander but picking notes from Dia is difficult because it is not built around a single note and is nicely balanced slight leather with an amber base while not signaling any one dominate note. Dia Man appears very cultured and civil - pure class.

There is a similarity of scheme and tone between Amouage masculines fragrances that is noticeable - sort of a family quality. Dia > Reflection > Myths Man > Interlude > Honor Man. Not alike but in harmony with each other, the florals, incenses, warmth, even blending, conservative light touch. They have their differences but there is a common thread of sorts. Dia is a sunny floral version in this part of the Amouage family tree.

The mild soft blending of Dia works best in early Spring or early Fall when the temps are mild. It doesn't appeal to me in high heat or hard cold, but will be fine indoors. This is a perfect office scent for a professional working environment.

To me its a spiced mixed floral, made more masculine and dry by some leather and vetiver. There is a lightness in its composition. There is some incense in the heart, blended behind the floral top. Kinda smells like a small shop in the mall that sells overpriced tiny porcelein figurines and greeting cards. Kind of a dried potpouri smell, not a sumptuous juicy floral. Longevity and performance were acceptabley average.

This is very nice and starts fresh and spicy, probably one of the nicest openings to a male fragrance I have smelt but over time becomes slightly floral. Almost unisex. Maybe its the amber or peony or patchouli but something grates slightly on my skin.
No denying its quality though!
Shame this one started with high hopes!

Fragrance: 7/10
Projection: 7.25/10
Longevity: 8/10

Wear it on a bold, bright, blue, blossoming brisk spring day.

A vetiver perfume dressed up in peony and spices. There's a ginger note in here, as in my other vetiver favorite, Orio Vetyver, but this one's sweeter, more robustly floral, and has that spice element, almost barbershop, cumin?, certainly cardamom. Dia is very effervescent, think of when an airplane ascends above the clouds, and everything's white and blue and the cloud formations are hyper-clear.

Unlike others, I get all the longevity in the world. This suggests aromochemical fixatives that can be slightly scratchy, I'm relying on the non-magnetic bottle but would love to try the original version. Incredible perfume, the anonymity behind it adds to the mystery.

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