I present to you an overindulgence of the olfactive senses... Dewaniya.

Dewaniya fragrance notes

  • Head

    • absinthe, marigold, persian rose, persian saffron, frankincense
  • Heart

    • cambodian oud, damascena rose, tobacco, honey, cocoa, jasmine grandiflorum, coffee, black tea, osmantus
  • Base

    • indian oud, bengali oud, tobacco, hay, tonka, cypriol, mysore sandalwood, olibanum, myrrh, siamese benzoin, labdanum, white ambergris, musk, civet, immortelle, castoreum, hyraceum, cedarwood, leather, cade, amber

Latest Reviews of Dewaniya

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Dewaniya is a whole lotta lotta. Maximalists – run, don’t walk to smell this. It is embarrassingly over the top, and dare I say, in a good way. It is zaftig and generously proportioned, like walking into a small health food store and finding it equipped with an Ethiopian pour-over coffee bar, sacks upon sacks of colorful spices, piles of comic books, good Hojari frankincense smoking on a mabkhara, and Bob Marley on the radio. And the owner just wants you to roll up and have a good time, man.

The opening blast of coffee, pancake syrup, and sticky molasses will either make you smile or wince. A thousand different flavors packed into a tiny space. Burned coffee grounds mingle with the aggressively berried funk of Cambodi oud, dripping with caramel and bitter hay notes. Underlining the oud is a waft of ashy, terpenic frankincense, and the tannery harshness of saffron.

Dewaniya is both intensely syrupy and intensely dry - soiled hay against burnt coffee, iodine stirred into a bowlful of booze-sozzled cranberries. What eventually breaks free of this morass of notes is a rich, sunburned tobacco accord that could be a sticky piece of gingerbread or the brittle, veiny last leaf of autumn. It is both amazing and slightly disgusting. I like Dewaniya and I also think it is like forcing yourself to eat a tray of Medjool dates just after you’ve just had three servings of gulab jamun.
1st June 2023
Dewaniya is absolutely a marvel - truly a marvel in every sense of the word. It is a bag of tricks you simply cannot predict, and one which will dazzle you like many other creations of his with a slew of notes, each a wonder unto itself, and yet in a maximalist dance perfectly in sync with the grand amount of other notes simultaneously wishing to present to you their beauty - and yet it never feels like too much, nor does it feel overwhelming (except in the sense of beauty which simply brings tears to your eyes and a shiver to your spine.) To me, Dewaniya opens on my skin with first and foremost with a mixture of Cambodian oud and Indian oud (with perhaps the bengali oud making an appearance, although to be quite honest I have yet to have an isolated appraisal of Bengali oud, and as such its scent profile escapes me.) In addition, as if a swirling series of magnificent colors behind this heavenly vision of oud, one can make out: tobacco, saffron, honey, tea, rose, labdanum, osmanthus, jasmine, as well as some semi-green (citrusy?) elements dancing from what appears to be marigold, a dry and almost dusty feeling coming from what I believe to be hay, as well as loads of resins, animalic notes, and spices that seem to be literally neverending in the glory they insist on bringing to ones palate. There are distinct fruity aromas that evolve through the spices, animalic qualities, resins, and woods - there seem to be a peach-like effect in tune with some orange-blossom like tea which somehow seems distinct from the black tea quality which is still very much at play here, as well as green citrus notes which seem to be coming from some mixture of osmanthus and marigold which seem to have a bitter green quality beneath them that almost falls right into the jammy, sticky roses (which I believe is the absinthe, although I might be mistaken) which itself has a quality beside it of a fruity hay paired with honey and tea - and behind that even still there is a strong leather note which is very smoky and animalic, and yet it brings you to notice the oud right before your very eyes yet again. The Indian oud here seems to habitually call upon the dark woods, the earthy and resinous hyrax, the animalic and musky civet, the chewy tobacco, the dark roasted coffee, the smoky frankincense, and to a lesser extent, notes like semi-sweet semi-bitter saffron, and the hay whose dusty qualities spill over into the sweet vanillic benzoin, the ripe tonka beans, which lay spread out atop bright and beautiful cedarwood dripping in honey, with osmanthus and marigold calling upon the absolutely lush (in every sense of the word) roses, all of which pulls in the sweet and almost gourmand Cambodian oud which has flashes of a caramelized edge to it while still maintaining a dominant woody profile which again allows it to bleed back into the other elements dancing about this fragrance. Overall, I would describe this composition as celestial - it's a representation of the organic movement of all that is, and the interconnected nature of elements differentiating themselves within a set totality - it's about Yin and Yang - it's about the majesty of scent itself - it's no-mind meditation and yet a meditation that seeks to actualize through all that is. It's an oud-centric attar that seeks to show just why this material is very precious - it's not a price point, it's an essentially intrinsic to the very object itself. This is very easily one of my very favorite fragrances from the line, and one of the fragrances through which one should truly pay attention throughout it's entire duration, because it's not just worth it, but it would be a tragedy to miss out on any element presented here. Wow. Just wow...
YT: Jess AndWesh
24th November 2021

This opens up with a fresh Oud in all it's glory and that stays from start to finish. To me it smells like black tea that is wrapped up in a medicinal smell which is the hallmark of the Oud.

As it opens up on your skin you can smell hints of incense, coffee,rose and a amber sweetness. The freshness stops the scent from been too dark and it is exotic and wearable.

Different from what you may find on the shelves at your local store but the quality is undeniable.
1st May 2019