Devana was launched in 2012 by UK-based Pell Wall Perfumes. The fragrance is built around the essential oil of Artemisia absinthium, with additonal notes of green mandarin, blackcurrant, freesia, sandalwood, white musk and a hint of pink pepper

Perfumer, Chris Bartlett says, "Devana is a slightly heady, very fresh, clean and rather muscular interpretation of the key ingredient of Absinthe – presented here without the familiar aniseed note so that it can shine clearly through."

Devana fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Absinthe, green mandarin, bergamot mint
  • Heart

    • Absinthe, blackcurrant, freesia, green tea
  • Base

    • Absinthe, cedar, pink pepper, norlimbanol, sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Devana

The unmistakable scent of Artemisia absinthium is captured so well in this one and this note continues for a couple of hours on me.

One of the joys of summer in the garden is brushing past members of this family and tweaking the odd leaf, but this must be one of the nicest - fresh, dry, silvery, even arid green.

Here, the driest herb is joined by a deep green citrus then softened a little - maybe a hint of freesia.

The later stages remain dry but softened by a slightly peppered sandalwood.

A lovely scent to wear when the leaves are no more and probably a refreshing contrast to the heavy scents of the summer garden!
6th December 2013
I love the smell of Artemisia, and looked forward to sampling this. I got that initial green, stemmy, bitter blast, along with hints of mint and bergamot, but the herbal portion has faded over 15mins or so. The mandarin comes on and segues into blackcurrant and green tea after about an hour. The white flowers fade in and out, and for me, fight with the blackcurrant.

The base smells dry and slightly woody, but I find it difficult to separate anything out. Total longevity on me - maybe 2 hours - but I have dry, thirsty skin.

This is only the first test; I will test it again over the next few days and update this review accordingly.

I like the opening very much and the middle reminds me of SMW, which is no bad thing. I only wish the Artemisia accord had lasted a bit longer!

This is a green, bright scent that would wear well in the spring and summer, but I would wear it all year round, especially in autumn and winter to remind me of the coming spring.
24th March 2013

The "absinthe" in the BN fragrance notes refers to artemesia absinthum (wormwood). While that is an element in the legendary alcoholic drink Absinthe, the drink also has a pronounced aniseed or licorice note, e.g., Fou D'Absinthe. That anise note is NOT found here.
After a brief citrus introduction, this becomes a very intriguing dusky green scent: aromatic, even weedy. Suggests resinous underbrush and oozing sap. The herbacious and pungent artemesia combines with the mint to give a green, leafy scent. Dry, not heavy, has a hint of pepper. Very green and natural-smelling, in fact it is nature in a bottle. As an artisan style scent, the longevity is acceptable but not extended, and the scent sits close to the skin. Any green fan should check this out.
23rd January 2013
This fragrance is sold as masculine but I think it is equally attractive to women and would recommend they try it for a day time fragrance, particularly in summer.
3rd October 2012