Révillon (1953)

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Detchéma by Révillon

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Reviews of Detchéma by Révillon

There are 10 reviews of Detchéma by Révillon.

An old school classic. Very subtle and ladylike. Lots of Persicol, jasmine, rose, musk, sandalwood and powder for days. Detchema perfume and edt are very bougie and "mature lady", so naturally I adore them both. Buy the old school version in the pink and white box. The black box reformulation was awful. "That Which Gives Pleasure". Detchema gives me pleasure at any rate.

In his first Guide (written in French) Luca Turin calls Detchema a parfum fourrure and a faceless cousin of Chanel 5.
I would say it’s a dull dusty aldehyde - with a brief peachy floral;
just enough to hook you in – then hang you out to dry.
It's a poor relation to the magisterial Que sais-je? (1925), and Femme, which he points to as alternatives.

Starts as one of those old-school, heavy perfumes. Darkish. Drunken fruit. All becomes a smoldering floral, in the heart. Still remains old-fashioned. More of an evening floral - maybe to be reserved for cooler months, as well. The only "bad" part of this perfumes is that, it smells similar to others from this era, with one notable difference - the base notes almost reflect a more modern niche feel. I've had this scent before, in a miniature, back in the 80s. I don't remember how it smelled back then. My current mini is from a modern time, which I find delightful.

The iris and musk in the base are dry, not too earthy, with added touches of sandalwood, make this seem like orris root accord.

Starts out routine, almost common - ends up modern and mellow. Thumbs up.

Smells lovely; kind of like Nina Ricci's Capricci, only, slightly less powdery. Classy

This scent garners me compliments every time I wear it, and questions about the name and where to buy it. Even though some say that this is a dated scent, at least I don't smell like a cookie or a freshly mowed lawn. It does not overpower, rather one must be close to smell it. Very feminine and powdery, but it never smells sharp and acidic. I keep trying to find a modern scent that is similar, but I have not succeeded. My perfume wardrobe is definitely outdated. Lately, I've worn Candy by Prada and B by Balanciaga but nothing seems to suit my own body scent like Detchema. Any suggestions?

I probably first wore the early 1970's reformulation. I have an odd body chemistry, on which many perfumes smell like what I think of as "elderly woman on a bus." This stayed for many years, although of course it changed over them, a lovely, complex combination of carnation, orris, and perhaps musk, with an evolution into wood. I have worn it for years, but it has become less and less like the original, and to me, less complex. It has good longevity and sillage, but remains elegant and multi-functional. I love it, but not as it was when I discovered it.

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