Desire for a Man 
Dunhill (2000)

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Desire for a Man by Dunhill

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The first Dunhill fragrance since the license was acquired by Wella. The bottle is shaped like a hip flask with a strikingly bright red liquid. A very disitinct fragrance.

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Reviews of Desire for a Man by Dunhill

There are 78 reviews of Desire for a Man by Dunhill.

Where some perfumes trickle down to consumer products, this one went the other way; from a
tart-fruity shower gel to fine fragrance.
As Dunhill belonged to shampoo makers Wella at the time, this seems entirely appropriate, if somewhat misguided.

Desire Red for men really reminds me of the years of 2004-2006..I was always out partying n clubbing in Miami Dade county. And this stuff was fitting the scene at that time for me , it's sweet very sweet, I did recently bought a bottle for a very cheap price , but to be honest I wasn't even thinking about a older version , well I do own a older version of Dunhill red with the logo printed across from the side, and it's very strong , I really had to apply very lightly , I don't mind the smell at all but to me it smells like it belongs at 2000-2006..maybe for the young men out today who hasn't really smelled other colognes and who really aren't into Fragrances n stuff, this stuff gives me a headache , at times I forget that I have a 2005 bottle and not a recent newer version thats a bit watered down, maybe marketing had something to with to promote the other FLANKER if desire red , forgot the name might be red intense , but anyhow after awhile my head really hurts and I have to take a shower , its good cologne , not a great cologne ,I still have my bottle but I never reach for it unless I wanna think about the old days ..but I won't wear it unless it's summer and once in a blue to the gym

The entrance is too powdery and soft for me, if that's your gig you'll enjoy this one.

Faint hints of sweet and fruity notes that I'd like to smell more of, but they hide in the background.

Poor strength and weak silage, which is great as I won't have to work hard washing this one off for an evening scent.

If this is what women "Desire" to smell on men, kindly count me out.

opens up smelling about as chemical/synthetic as you can get...normally , this would put me off right from the bat , but for some reason it doesn't bother me with this's very pleasant/pleasing to my nose...aromatic and fresh...i get vanilla flavored apple with further freshness provided courtesy of a lime/bergamot touch...add a little muskiness and you have a casual inoffensive fragrance that seems to be a hit with the wife likes it...that's always a plus in my book...added bonus is that the bottle is pretty cool looking...there's some other little touches of flavors/notes , but nothing jumps out...decent projection for a while but peters out as it dries down and doesn't last forever...still, for the price point , you can't go wrong with this semi-workhorse...

Not a very sophisticated scent. Apple vanilla patchouli musk. Smells kinda late 90s. Wear this while listening to Barbie Girl and Smashmouth.

This is definitely going to my collection.
starts with sweet apple and bergamot hmmmm...what a combination.
and stays on for a long time with vanilla and musky scent.
Even when I dont use I just smell it from the bottle to change my mood.

The first time I smelled this was when I bought 12 ml tiny roll on bottle. I started getting compliments and now ended by buying the original bottle.

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