Desire Blue fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Tangerine, Marine notes, Lotus leaves.
  • Heart

    • Sea Breeze accord, Orange Flower water, Rosewood, Driftwood
  • Base

    • Amber Crystals, Rich Musk, Tonka

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It really took me a while to get Desire Blue. After trying it several times, I finally get it, and I like it. It's a more tame, less spicy, and more youthful Desire. It's Desire's DNA with, toned down, with the addition of citrus and creamy vanilla. It gives off an orange creamsicle vibe, over top of the spicy Desire DNA. It makes for a layered fragrant experience, in this somewhat complex but very easy to wear scent. It's probably the best Desire in my personal opinion; and it's the only flanker that contains any trace of the original
23rd May 2021
I definitely pick up a flowery watery mixture on the first spray. It's almost like a mixture of Nautica Voyage maybe even Cool Water because of the orange notes. It's a nice cheapie, i wouldn't buy again. Not impressed. I like the light, mossy, watery feel of it for aroumd the house.

Sillage is very mild on me. Haven't test longevity.

A decent walmart pickup, I suppose.
13th August 2017

Not too bad. It's a toned down version of Dunhill for a Man (red bottle), yet has a fresh quality that sets it apart at the same time. There's that walk on the beach thing going on in this one, a bit like Dune by Christian Dior IMO.
12th November 2016
I believe that the fragrance world hit a bit of a wall between the late 90's and early 2000's... there are 100's of men's releases that were "Safe" skin scents that didn't project nor last more than 3 or 4 hours. This was the time the "Metrosexual" term popped up... That is where I would categorize all these fragrances "Metro". This isn't a bad scent just similar to so many that were and still are on the market that are a safe scent for office wear.
2nd June 2016
A synthetic aquatic as has been mentioned by others. I absolutely loved this when I first sampled it back in the day. Resampled it recently and it is very chemical and potentially harsh. Versace Eros is very similar to Dunhill Desire Blue in my opinion but has a higher class of formulation. Overall this suited me in my naïve younger days but these days I would steer well clear.
4th March 2016
Lovely happy fragrancs!when i smell it feel almost giddy with happiness.yes i think it is definitely a happy scent for hot weather.clean,relax,young and delicate too.

I love DUNHILL fragrances and DB is really an excellent starts nice with notes of citruse sweet and not sharp.the combination of citrus notes is so nice and all the notes are nice together.

is a little similar Cool Water for me and light enough to wear in the heat.really good summerIt would be a great one to wear out to special sports like tennis or golf!
15th May 2015
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