Desert Rose fragrance notes

    • Turkish rose Otto, Damascena rose, peach, Sicilian lemon, Egyptian jasmine, geranium, carnation, heliotrope, Amber, musk, vanilla, sandalwood.

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a pretty rose that is roughed up by the carnation/geranium combo...get a faint lemony peach way back in the distance...does give a fruity vibe to the overall composition...if you are a lover of all things rose this might be worth's pleasant and pleasing...a light enough rose that you could probably even get away with wearing in warmer weather...that peach actually seems to jump at you now and it's here , now it's gone...nice semi-sweet heliotrope tinged vanilla drydown...not bad, just missed getting a thumbs up from me , but there's a lot of rose fragrances that I like more than this...and this would not be a purchase for me...
12th August 2018
This bright perfume has become one of my most reached for in the last few months. I cannot wait to see how it blooms in the summertime. All my favorite notes in one place. Rose, geranium, lemon, carnation, heliotrope and musk. All my loves. My fragrance wardrobe is musk, lemon, rose, carnation, heliotrope and white flower heavy. All I really needed was this one perfume. To me, it's a perfect fit.
5th April 2016

This begins as a very green rose, ala Guerlain's Nahema. The spicy carnation emerges and stays dominant, alongside the rose.

The strength of the rose and carnation drown out the gentler notes of lemon, peach, jasmine and heliotrope, none of which emerge to my nose.

The base notes seem to be lurking in the background, somewhat afraid to come forward. The fruit and florals are cowering behind them, no doubt.

Desert Rose is in need of balance. There is no sense including other oils if one can't detect them. A good basic idea with quality attars to work with. A lighter hand is needed with the rose and carnation to bring the other elements to light. Back to the labs.
8th December 2015