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Too synthetic, not horrible, not good either. My sister despises this one..and to be honest it does not worth a penny. Overall 4/10
13th September 2019
A fragrance i used to wear a lot during college. I still got a bottle with a few sprays in it.
Cinnamon and sweetness accompanied with a talcum powder is the best way to describe this fragrance.
I definitely would not buy this again but i gotta tell you this has garnered me 1 compliment in my years of wearing it from the hottest girl in my office. The longevity is really nice. I wish i could have liked it more but over the years, my preference for fragrances have sharpened to wear a scent like Denim Black anymore.

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1st December 2016

A sweet powerful woody and soapy warm scent. Great value and has good staying power. For an inexpensive scent it's brilliant.
27th February 2013
I agree the top notes are kind of spicy, but you get used to it.
It's a very interesting after-shave, refreshing and does his job very well.
I recommend this!
9th February 2012
Yesterday,got the cologne as well , which is just ordinary stuff...The top notes are too spicy ,literally irritating the nose . The drydown is relatively better,somewhat like the aftershave (having a few sweater notes) ... overall,its good in its price-range
4th April 2008