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Reviews of Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve

There are 11 reviews of Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve.

An erotically charged tale of deceit and desire.She's young, beautiful with an aura of mystery emanating from her looks that she's managed to keep,and a kind of surface coldness.she can't reconcile her masochistic fantasies with her everyday life alingside dutiful husband and she can't get herself to be involid with him sexually.the magnificent on her perfume holds great significance in the meaning of her fantasy.Her perfume here is object of care,very much like her prim persona that seems to bound her.sheared with mud,her sacred image is desecrated but her desires,liberated.

In an attempt to escape from her bondage,she wears grey wool coat that's double-breasted,vantless, with wide-spread collar, epauletess and just above the wrist wool high hat,black gloves and tote,black Roger Vivier shoes and above all she wears her scent (it's a delicate chypre,wonderful green, powdery floral and the dry down is somethig civet-like and almost addicting,sexy and ladylike at the sametime) on neck and chest and she eventually joins a luxurious parisian Brothel.

She's greeted by her new colleagues who are impressed with her fashion& perfume and call her Elefant.At her new workplace,she explores men of different shapes, tastes and sexual kinks.hesitant and haunted,she refuses to serve her first costumer,but a slap and throw to the bed by her anger customer unexpectedly fulfils her this scene,she is once again wearing her scent, paralleling with the fantasies she had in which her ego was the same time,the scent remind us of who she really is despite her current situation-that is...
Feb 3, 2021

When it first came out it took me by absolute surprise how instantly and how hard I fell for this one. I was expecting something light and floral, but what happened was a more of an earthbound floral with very sensual undertones. I was broke then, so worshipped from afar. I recently got a mini that has gone a little off, but the drydown is still a rich floral with heady civet, oakmoss, and musk undertones.
Dec 9, 2020

Green floral chypre, very reminiscent of vintage Ivoire but more aldehydic and to my nose lacking that melancholy something that makes Ivoire so great.
Dec 27, 2019

Why was it discontinued? I loved this Fragrance so much it was my favorite of all time. Would always buy a bottle when ran out. If I had known ahead of time they were to discontinue I would have bought a case of it. Wish I could find something in similar smell, but no luck so far.
Dec 16, 2018

Why was this wonderful fragrance discontinued? It was a wonderful woodsy floral, a little heavy on the woodsy, that I wore in the late 80s and always got compliments on. It stayed around for the long haul, but I never got any criticism on this. Wish they would bring this lovely fragrance back.
Sep 5, 2012

I often give a thumbs up if I believe a perfume does a good job as it is intended, even if it is not my own personal style. This one is a thumbs up AND my style. It opens in a beautiful florist shop green bouquet..very natural smelling. Then it is mostly a dry mossy musk. DRY MOSSY MUSK!!!! (I've never really encountered it.) The flowers are don't really sense them, but as soft jasmine-rose presence. It is elegant, and classically french. My only complaint is it is quiet. It never sings out. I admire that, but also like a little bravado at some point in a fragrance.
Nov 15, 2010

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