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Parfums de Marly (2018)

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Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly

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Reviews of Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly

I am searching once again for perhaps a new "signature" fragrance. After lots of hype about Delina EDP and Delina Exclusif, I decided to give both fragrances a try.

Thankfully there is NO tart, vegetal, fruity opening blast with the Exclusif, something I dislike with Delina EDP. And with that said, I detect pear, vanilla, cream, powdery-notes and enormous rose upon applying Delina Exclusif.

So, on me this settles as a VERY powdery, creamy rose fragrance with vanilla & dense amber landing notes. I once again detect zero incense, little woody oud...nothing reminiscent of such notes.

Sigh...a nice enough fragrance, yet another disappointment. I really enjoy resinous, incense-y, woody fragrances with some feminine floral touches. While nice enough, I regret having purchased a full bottle of Delina Exclusif hoping it would lean towards its oriental, woody, incense-y description.

I'll wear this perfume 'til it's gone but I would never own it again. And I do not think I would wear this fragrance on any regular basis.

The opening really caught my attention. It smells better than the original. However, it is not worth over $400 CAD. The most I would pay is 200.

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