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Reviews of Delina by Parfums de Marly

There are 8 reviews of Delina by Parfums de Marly.

I was so excited to try Delina by Parfums De Marly because of all the hype surrounding it! I ordered a sample set from their website which included the new La Rosee version as well.

When I smelt Delina on paper for the first time I was shocked. I was expecting a fresh rose with lychee and rhubarb but all I can smell is incense? It smells musty and woody and not fresh and light at all like the reviews I've watched and read. Then I thought it may smell different on the skin but had to go for a shower shortly after spraying because the smell was so suffocating!

La Rosee is more of what I expected Delina to smell like, it is on the fresher side but again just smells like a musky rose with wood. Neither are fruity and fresh like their descriptions say.

I wish I had liked it and have only seen positive reviews online so I'm sad I'm the only one it didn't work for! I have tried other perfumes with rose and lychee (Kilian's After Sunset, Lancome Idole, and LV Attrape Reves) and loved those.
Mar 17, 2021

Delina is overwhelming to me at EDP strength. One spritz from a spray sample was enough to send it off to a more loving home. But lo! Delina also comes in hair mist concentration, a product category that may give rise to instant judgment and associated lowered expectations. Delina hair mist is strong for this product category effectively making it the unofficial Delina EDT, and as such the sweetness is toned down significantly allowing the peony and tart rhubarb to express themselves in zen garden watercolors. If the option of a Delina EDT sounds promising to you then rejoice the 75 ml is readily found at discount around $59. PdM has never hit my niche radar despite trying many from the line. Delina hair mist worn as an EDT has been the sole exception.
Feb 28, 2021

Parfums de Marly is a house that seemed determined to catch that H.E.N.R.Y. money right from the start (high-earning not-yet-rich males), going after the same market Creed had been cultivating for decades, and other houses like Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle or Serge Lutens had been taking nibbles of with select compositions since the beginning of the 21st century. With Xerjoff and Roja Dove also entering the same olfactive space of "I want my 'cologne' to match my Rolex and Audi", it was only a matter of time before Parfums de Marly started taking the fairer sex more seriously, shaping up their afterthought of a feminine-market catalog into something respectable. Nobody talks about their feminine perfumes for the same reason nobody really talks about early Parfums de Marly masculine releases, and that reason is they just aren't focused, feeling more exploratory like owner Julien Sprecher was taking shots in the dark. Delina (2017) seeks to change that perception, and isn't a retread of a big 80's perfume like Safanad (2012) or something once-daring but thouroughly sterilized like Darcy (2014), but what it presents may be met with some ambivalence from the fanbase too. Apparently Delina also gets the "exclusif" treatment like Layton (2016), but also like Layton, doesn't really seem to benefit from it at all.

In short, Delina is what you get if you tried to take the smell of the Glade "Angel Whispers" scented candle and gave it the luxury niche perfume treatment. I don't know if perfumer Quentin Bisch was specifically going for that, but seeing his usually-referential work on releases like the more-recent Caronlina Herrera Bad Boy (2019), I can't say it's unexpected. Delina is that peony-foward smell of the aforementioned candle married to a large hit of dark Turkish rose, creating a clash of deep floral tones and sweet candy-like ones, sharpened and polished to a lethal point with aromachemicals like cashmeran to make Delina both bemusingly childish and frighteningly serious. The opening of bergamot and lychee is rounded with rhubarb and nutmeg, giving some tartness and heft to introduce the Damask rose in the heart. The peony comes in later with a bit of muguet to reign in the sweetness just a tad, although vanilla breaks those shackles in the late dry down stage, then gets amplified by cashmeran, musk, and norlimbanol. The last one adds a bit of scratch which belies the "niche quality" of Delina, but also continues the balancing act of sharp and sweet. Wear time is all day, and sillage/projection are more formidible than past PdM feminines, but Delina doesn't scream like some of the masculines from the brand.

The biggest characteristic of Delina is how youthful and dainty it tries to be, but how forceful it presents itself, like a bodybuilder in drag trying to pass himself off as Bette Davis from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?". Some people will read this as horridly gauche, and I suppose it would be to folks with conventional wisdom concerning femininity presented in perfume, especially in times dominated by the "fruitchouli" and the fruity floral. However, a certain level of genderbend flexibility is afforded Delina for this reason as well, making it an interesting sort of "intersex" perfume for male-identifying people with strong feminine stylistic vibes or vice versa, meaning Delina could be a whole lot of fun for the right individual. Unfortunately, this runs about $300 for 75ml, so Delina is a costly experiment at best and a total waist of money for something that smells similar to a popular Glade candle at worst, so Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (2002) can serve much the same role for far less. Still, this is the first PdM feminine perfume of substance and I like it, so I'll give it my stamp of approval, just with the warning that this is far from your average perfume. Who knew a candied Turkish rose and lychee over a rakish aromachemical bed of "wood" notes and musk could be so thought-provoking? ...Not I said the fly. Thumbs up.
Feb 26, 2020

A sugary rose, with hints of lychee, on a musky-vanillic base. The note of rhubarb is in the background. Adequate presence on skin, with reasonable tenacity but overall it is disappointing: sophomoric, dull, too earnest, and unintelligent. This is a perfume for dolls, not women. Perhaps a guy could give it a twist.

Dec 28, 2019

When I first wore it, it reminded me of Florabotanica by Balenciaga, but more elegant. Florabotanica is already elegant enough but there's a richness to the depth in which Delina balances its rhubarb and lychee. The performance quality is quite the same and it's a real head turner! It's no wonder why this fragrance is so expensive. You can smell the depth of every note and you can smell it on you for a long time. Others can smell it on you as well, for it has a moderately inoffensive sillage. One of the best things about it is that it is suitable for almost any occasion so if you splurge on it and it's your signature, you can guarantee that you will be using it for everything.
Jul 16, 2019

Big, bright pink rose, spike of green, RHUBARB!!! Vanilla-musk base. Has a light, carefree feel and a similar vibe to NR For Her EdT, but with subtler musks and no patchouli - less distinctive in style perhaps, but it feels more luxurious than the NR. The one stand-out feature is how well the rhubarb pops, but it settles quickly and my excitement was short-lived.
Projection and sillage moderate; longevity decent, but I’d expect better at this price-point. It’s a really nice and pretty perfume, but it doesn’t feel particularly original and I can’t help feeling that it’s probably been done better elsewhere. Given it’s price, I’d expect it to feel a little more accomplished. Definitely a thumbs up - it’s a great scent and I’ll be getting a larger decant, for sure.
Jan 9, 2019

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