Délices de Cartier 
Cartier (2006)


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Reviews of Délices de Cartier by Cartier

There are 26 reviews of Délices de Cartier by Cartier.


The bottle pretty much says this fragrance demands respect.You can really attract of people who can smell you.DELICES definitely defines wealth. Sweet,Warm,Ultra Feminine,Deep, Romantic,Gorgeous and Generous.

Vanilla is not at list but i find something like Vanilla at the Top notes as being Cloying for me But The middle notes is Nice full of Sophistication and Beauty.The base is Romantic and Warm blend of Amber,Sandalwood,Tonka bean.

Anyway It makes you feel Rich and The scent is for a Bold Lady not a Faint heart or a Gingerly Character.It is Suitable for INTIMATE occasions in AUTUMN/WINTER.Not Weird but Truly LOVELY.

Sillage&Longevity?Always are two Determinant factors for make a Noticeable fragrance and DELICES possess both.

Dec 12, 2014

Genre: Fruity Floral

I seem to be missing the point here. Délices de Cartier's sweet “froot” flavored top notes are so intensely chemical that they call to mind cough syrup or some kind of floor cleaning liquid, rather than perfume. I'm not sure that the transition to a maudlin violet and dense, fuzzy amber much improves matters. In fact, the combination of cloying sweetness and harsh woody ambers in Délices de Cartier's base notes comes remarkably close to the oppressive gluiness of my least favorite masculine gourmand scents - things like Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, A*Men, and Le Mâle.

Highly indelicate, if you ask me.
Jun 12, 2014

When I first sprayed Delices I thought, "Yum!" It was different, deep, rich and delicious.

For once, the bottle matched the scent; an intense, red and juicy cherry. Like eating glazed cherries or chomping into a toffee apple, this fragrance gives you that same type of joy.

When I stepped out into the Wintery conditions outside of the store, this fragrance really started to blossom. The scent was so invigorating and uplifting, it would be impossible to have a bad day when wearing Delices.

I was almost convinced that I would be adding this fragrance to my wishlist, when I went to smell my wrist again and I was utterly disappointed. Delices had dried down to what could only be described as the scent of plasticine on my skin.

I'm pretty sure it's the tonka bean note that doesn't exactly agree with my chemistry at the best of times. It was such a shame seeming that I had been enjoying the fragrance right up until that point.

I can only advise that before buying you should wait it out just to make sure your chemistry suits this fragrance. Otherwise, this is a fabulous perfume with fantastic lasting power.

Jun 3, 2011

I found this to be very strong, too sweet, and cloying when initially sprayed. But once I make it past the top notes, I'm in heaven! Definitely gourmand with subtle cherry and vanilla notes. I never use this when I'm about to leave the house...I only wear it out after the dry-down begins.

Mar 27, 2011

The first blast of Sour Cherries and
in a couple of minutes it dries down to a scent of milky Musk and Vanilla.
this has to be the one of the most unsual perfumes this and Jean Paul Gautier MA Dame in my collection.
this frangrance is not for Everybody.
Dec 12, 2010

This is a thin, fruity composition that seems to have no direction. The initial blast of cherry reminds me of those impossibly sweet liquers that if not consumed in extreme moderation yield epic hangovers. Understanding full well that there is supposed to be amber and tonka in the base, I held out, it just never developed on me. The lack of staying power and sillage are for once a comfort as this could have been a trigger for a monumental migrain. Luckily, the sticky cherry/violet opening pops like a firecracker then disappears on my skin leaving no trace or any clear indication that fragrance had been applied at all. Certainly, this would not ever be something I would purchase, In my opinion, Cartier should concentrate on their jewelry which I would certainly purchase had I married for money and not love.
Jun 13, 2010

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