The company says: 

Vineyard paradise perfume. Bright succulent clementine peels and freshly grown tomato leaves are offered longevity and support by a base of light vetiver, sandalwood and pacific ambergris. The base of the perfume uses a house blend of organic sandalwood oil and genuine ambergris tincture

Delfiño fragrance notes

    • clementine, tomato leaf, juniper, vetiver, sandalwood, ambergris

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Delfino is one of the three recent summer-inspired scents by Pineward Perfumes, a house whose fragrances are generally dark and (fittingly) woody. Delfino has notes of clementine, tomato leaf, juniper, vetiver, sandalwood, and ambergris, and with the very noticeable tomato leaf note, in particular, it has a green, vegetable quality (yes, tomato is a fruit) alongside the tart, salty, citric, fresh blend of the other notes. It’s certainly unlike most of what’s available out there, and certainly feels more noticeable than a more mainstream designer-type citrus. Props to the perfumer for creativity. I’m not sure I’d personally opt for a pungent vegetal type fragrance like this but the beauty of the composition is obvious, the pricing is reasonable, and the performance pretty darn good.

Delfino is priced at $100/60 for 57/37ml, much more modest than for most of the prior releases in the line.

7 out of 10
28th June 2022