Reviews of Délectation Splendide by Terry de Gunzburg

Délectation Splendide is a really obvious attempt to smell like Hermes' popular Ambre Narguilé. It's that way that chamomile, honey, and cedar combine to smell like pipe tobacco, all over a mix of candied fruits and rich vanilla, with a splash of ashy darkness.

Ambre Narguilé is one of my old favorites, so I had to do a side by side comparison. Up close, Splendide is a little brighter, with less cedar and ash than Narguilé. Splendide also has a fuzzy vanilla musk drydown that's less dark and amber than Narguilé.

So, is this a necessary perfume? Absolutely not. But it is well made, lasts well, and smells great. And if you're looking for something like Ambre Narguilé that's maybe 3% less masculine, this is probably a good choice, but I just can't bring myself to give anything better than a neutral vote to such an obvious copy.
23rd December 2017