Reviews of Déjà Vu White Flower 57 by Kayali

This is a very tame white floral. And by very tame, I mean boring. If you’re a fan of white florals, this isn’t for you. If you are intimidated by white florals… you might like it.

Tuberose, Jasmine, and orange blossom… the holy trinity of white florals… but done with so much restraint it’s almost as if they are in prison.

I quite enjoy a lot of Kayali fragrances, I don’t think they are groundbreaking or anything, but they are usually pretty nice and come in adorable bottles. Longevity is usually a bit of an issue with the brand, but they aren’t the worst I can think of in that regard. But this would not be my first or even 5th choice from Kayali. I’m only an owner of a bottle because my mom didn’t want it.

I feel like this was created to be more mass pleasing, but in doing so, removed all personality from otherwise gorgeous notes.

It’s quiet. Polite. Shy. Awkward. It’s a wallflower.

UPDATE Dec. 12, 2022:
Well, it happened again. My opinion has softened on this fragrance. I think that happens so often with fragrances. At least for me it does.

I think part of the issue is my own. I have a fondness for Tuberose and white florals in general, at least in part for their tenacity and overt sensuality. So my initial opinion of this was that it failed the assignment. But I no longer think it did. When I realized that it’s probably supposed to be more subdued and less aggressive, I began to see the beauty in it. Plus, I also think this has a much greater chance of turning Tuberose haters into Tuberose lovers than any of my favorite Tuberose fragrances could. So I will change this to neutral at this time, but it’s almost a solid like.
9th September 2022