Launched in 95, when "Ski-Master" Willy Bogner's fragrances were looked after by Lancaster. The bottle was a rich translucent green, which was reminiscent of a forest.
Inspired by "Man's ancient, unbreakable and eternal bond with nature". The bond can't have been that unbreakable as the scent is now discontinued!

Deep Forest fragrance notes

  • Head

    • hesperides, citrus, neroli, orange, bergamot, rosemary, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • cinnamon, lavender, patchouli, vetiver
  • Base

    • moss, musk, labdanum, incense

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A somewhat coniferous barbershop fougere, Deep Forest is a melange of herbs and spices at the beginning, with Aldehyde C-12 MNA evidently making an appearance and imparting that fresh pine needles and crushed rosemary effect, with artemisia further contributing the forest understory. The vetiver and labdanum ground the composition in the heart and base. A cool, rainy spring day is perfect for something like Deep Forest.

I would argue that this predecessor to YSL Rive Gauche is actually superior, and while also discontinued and rare, comes at a somewhat more accessible price depending on where you look.
8th March 2022
A green forest delight
The opening briefly has a citrus and bergamot character that gives way to neroli and lavender after the first fifteen minutes. Then the major phase commences: rich forest leaves, a very light patchouli, great moss and a deep green atmosphere that is beautifully composed. It lacks the booziness of dunhill 30, and thus is a lighter and much more elegant scent. Masterfully composed, with good sillage and projection, after two hours it fades out into a pleasantly powdery note. Total longevity on my skin is about three hours. 4/5
21st July 2013

Oh, my God, truly a magic scent, an impossibly hard to find item nowadays, a green-exotic blend of herbs, powdery woods, fruity-floral notes, cool frankincense and moss. As well as others have underlined, the juice (after the first aromatic and rooty blast) is clean and powdery, conjuring a sort of magic and fairy ambience rather than a deep and impenetrable forest. Really juicy in its green connection of orange and cinnamon. The balance is extreme, the masculine trail is discreet and charming while the softly green delicacy is really pleasant and halfhearted. Dry down is a woodsy cloud of sweet floral powder, mossy labdanum and tasty/fluidy frankincense. A gem that I would like to own in my collection.
12th August 2012
I will register a "neutral" on this and explain my rationale. There is no intrinsic problem with what this scent presents -- it is pleasant, even attractive. My reservation is with the name / product match, which is more of a disconnect in my opinion. A scent with the name "forest" should ideally be coniferous, preferably woody, and certainly green in tone. It is none of these. The closest this comes to anything forest-y is the moss, which admittedly is rather nice. But Coneheads, please note: this should not be a holy grail scent. It simply isn't worth a major expedition to snag one.
The citrus opening is very brief. There are lovely mossy notes which appear quickly. The main element in this scent is a pleasant spice, mostly nutmeg. The character of the scent is robust but not macho, having a discreet 80's-90's vibe. For the most part, the spice is dry. As the scent progresses, it picks up some resinous notes from some sort of incense. The dry-down is a bit sweeter, as the musk kicks in.
Ultimately, this is a spice-musk scent. Brown in tone, not green. A vague allusion to forest through the moss. Pleasant, but not a Conehead's delight.
14th June 2011
I love that Deep Forest doesn't contain clove. Nearly every time I find a scent with cinnamon and nutmeg there is also clove involved, like a clique of inseparable friends. What we get here instead is a 70's to mid 80's base, all musky, earthy leather, supporting a 90's fresh modern fougere top. Cool! The rich depth, class, and longevity of the former blends with the immediately friendly, invigorating, and (now) socially acceptable latter to create a scent I can without second thought describe as 'singular.' I have never experienced a fragrance quite like this, and I find its category-smashing nature to be heartwarming. Well, like I always say, nothing (good) lasts forever. I like to pretend the general public simply wasn't ready for a fragrance of this quality.
30th November 2010
This is a pleasant scent. Powdery yet sweet and subtle herbs and mosses. Very green and warming. Great woody drydown.
19th July 2009
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