Déclaration Parfum 
Cartier (2018)

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Reviews of Déclaration Parfum by Cartier

There are 11 reviews of Déclaration Parfum by Cartier.

A fresh and slightly green aroma opens up the initial stage, which is based mainly on a strong cardamom impression. Whiffs of citrus are just enough to add a bright sparkle at this stage.

The drydown enhances the woodsy notes, mainly cedarwood, which blends in with the previous notes very nicely, although the freshness is gradually lost. At the ends mainly the woodsiness remains, with the cedar petering out with time.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection, and five hours of longevity on my skin.

The first hour of this scent for warm autumn days is a skillful application of the cardamom in quite an original manner resulting in an unexpectedly light-hearted rendering of the cardamom spiciness. Unfortunately, the second part is not that exciting, which is a drawback. Additionally, the performance can hardly be called particularly impressive for a Parfum. Overall - just - a positivescore based on the initial phases. 3/5

Nov 29, 2021

A gentleman of refined manners and tastes; specifically a elegant man who is distinguished by elegance and correctness in dress&fragrance that his reliable presence is like a refuge for her. Declaration Parfum is a sophisticated,smooth,elegant, woody,warm,versatile and seductively smart scent,for him will always be timeless.it's more comforting and less spicy than the original.

The gorgeous cardamom in the opening so erathy with the tender trace of bitter orange that's pretty fresh.then the cumin takes over quickly and the scent fades to subtle sweetness that drowns in gentle cedar&vetiver with spices and a hint of leather that makes it a strong irresistible combination of masculinity and sophistication.it's really rich and has depth to it so you could wear during night as well.like the original the EDP receives attention and compliments and ladies have literally ran at you to investigate.the sillage is nice and longevity is very good on my skin.
Dec 27, 2020

This fragrance instigates very negative emotions in me. What's any good emotions left, while smelling this on me, was spent writing a review in Croatian on another platform.
That being said, this will be a short review.

Objectively: it's a stronger, more bitter version of the original appropriate for the cooler days and nights.

Subjectively: this is atrocious and reminds me of an old, grumpy woman who believes in everything that they say in the evening news. Votes for the same political party since the time she is allowed to vote.

I've got nothing else to say. If I'd continue, this review wouldn't have been approved.
Dec 18, 2020

Leather fragrance. Cardamom, cumin, and fake cedarish wood all mix together in such a way so that no one stands out, in a non-positive way. Oriental leather. The cumin is not the sweaty stinky variety, which is a positive. There are worse things in the world. It is not disgusting and does not stink. It does not make me want to wear it either, though.
Feb 13, 2019

Declaration Parfum is basically Declaration EdT, but with a generous lashing of popular woody amber notes, and most importantly - muddled and flattened. This is Declaration tailored to mass mediocrity, so much so that it doesn't declare anything anymore. Here there is a greater exploration of cardamom; however it is the spicy warmth of synthetic cardamom, which is a darling ‘spice twist' of so many modern designer masculines, and not a study of the green aromatic attributes of fresh cardamom as one finds in the beautiful Declaration d'Un Soir EdT. There is also a discernible leathery vibe; however, as one would imagine, the cumin driven edginess is of the original is completely gone.

Sillage is good and duration is excellent at over ten hours - but what is the point? To make no declaration, and silently conform?

May 25, 2018

Van Gogh, "Self-portrait with Dark Felt Hat oil on canvas 1887
May 6, 2018

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