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Déclaration by Cartier

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This woody creation from Cartier was created (apparently) for "Men in Love... Experiencing Passion!" It doesn't say whether by wearing it you get to experience passion! Worth a try though!

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Reviews of Déclaration by Cartier

There are 142 reviews of Déclaration by Cartier.

JCE really was some kind of magician. The way he weaves ice and fire together in Déclaration is quite remarkable. It’s a skillful aromatic concoction of powdery sweet and bitter spicy; Gin & Tonic and black masala tea.
There’s no denying it’s impressive (and influential) ... but it doesn’t move me. Like other of his works it feels synthetic, intellectualised, lacking heart and soul.
I can see the greatness behind it, and, putting aside the fact that I’ll probably never wear it, I’ll give it a weak thumbs up.

It's a feminine mess of cumin, anise, white lily and a bunch of other pond vegetation in there.

Even if was to rate it as a women's scent, I'd give it a thumbs down.

Alternative to Declaration. Avoid showering for a couple of days and rub quality marmalade over your chest. The Rose flanker I like.

Nice blending and fragrance development, with good quality ingredients. As should be expected from the house.

However, my skin chemistry pulls a hard 'B.O.' from the cumin. I have the same problem with vetiver, so I can't really fault Cartier for this. This would be an easy thumbs up, if it weren't for this one issue.

Maybe your skin will react differently, so I recommend trying before buying.

Well, not much I can add to Zealot's detailed, comprehensive, and well-written review, other than to "declare" my appreciation for it!

Everything Zealot says in his positive review (excerpt provided below) tells you everything you need to know: "Déclaration is at it's core a spicy dry leather chypre under a cumin heart, with an oakmoss base and a floral top, but it had a cologne-like neroli head with a modern ozonic citrus accord grafted on..." That pretty much sums it up, even though his following paragraph provides even more detail.

I guess this is a citrus fougere/chypre hybrid of sorts. The comparisons between Declaration and Terre D'Hermes EDT are understandable. I would say that Terre D'Hermes takes some elements from this, taking the Vetiver and Neroli (or bitter orange note) to extreme in TdH, adds the flint note, and leaves-out the fresh, mild woodiness in Declaration.

To my amateur nose, I guess this sits somewhere between Terre D'Hermes and ESP, with some subtle fruity notes that provide some light perkiness from the citrus, and some mild, fresh Cedar/woodiness and Vetiver through-out. I don't pick-up on a lot of variation or development into the dry-down, but still very nice smelling. The subtle bitter-orange notes stick-around for the duration, which is nice.

Sillage is a little on the weak side, with average longevity. I think it's an under-rated winner (especially at this price), and just different enough from other more popular fragrances in this vein that it's still worthwhile. It's a great classic Spring and Summer frag, the best I've tried from Cartier, at a very affordable price that won't break the bank.

From the opening through to the dry-down, I love this fragrance.
From a somewhat bitter orange to clean Cedarwood - Brilliant stuff!

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