Decadence fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Italian plum, saffron
  • Heart

    • Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, iris
  • Base

    • amber, vetiver, papyrus

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Semi gourmet powdery vanilla floral scent, not so much of wood, rather it is more edible scent than woods which is good because Woods makes me think of masculine or old lady like, not a fan. It is somewhat edible yet not bakery type. It's like having a nice floral and the powdery comes from semi edible cookies.

Colors I think of: white, pink
Words I think of: Bouquet and cookies, sweet plums with cup cakes.
Age suitable (objective): teens to mid 20's.
Suitable Time: fall/winter, evening, casual.
Rating: 7/10.
25th December 2016
When I read the notes, I thought it would be a very feminine fragrance. That wasn't the case. I actually thought this was a pretty good unisex type fragrance. A man can surely pull this one off. The rose seems to suppress the other notes to keep it kind of unisex. It also has a cedar note (not listed) in there as well as the light vetiver note. Job well done MJ.
29th September 2016

I'm a guy who has a very broad taste in fragrances...I'm the type of person who doesn't like to smell like every guy...I love to look for fragrances that most men wouldn't consider and when I smelled Decadence I knew i had to have it in my collection.

I own, have owned and wear a lot of female fragrances that I believe are incorrectly marketed. Dior, and Mugler have really shifted what is considered masculine fragrances and that has been a blessing for men IMO because it gave many of us the OK to wear sweet scents that have an androgynous lean. Todays man isn't bound by the same rules of the past. If you are a confident and secure man and u like this scent I encourage you go for it.

Decadence is a very interesting scent. To me it's almost like a Gourmand Oriental with a green twist. There is an earthiness in this scent due to the Vetiver, and a slight resinous tone due to the Amber. But overall what draws the nose to wrist and keeps it there is the beautifully sweet juicy and ripe plum note. The combo of the Iris and the unveiling of the Orris, which seamlessly takes over the Iris's role in the composition, peeks through from the mid are the plums supporting cast.They work together to give this scent a very distinctive and memorable opening. The effect of this combo of notes along with the Amber and Vetiver produces a very sexy, dark fragrance that leans on the mature side in a good way. I don't mean mature as in "older" I mean mature as in "has it's stuff together". It's not the obnoxious childish frag that relies heavily on pretty bright fruit that teenagers would love. It's a statement fragrance and it communicates a dominance and strength rarely found in modern perfumes for women. This allows it in my opinion to be worn by confident secure men who like sweet scents.

The Heart of this fragrance allows men to wear this without the difficulty of most female fragrances. The base of Vetiver, Amber and Papyrus are more masculine than feminine. If u are a guy who loves Dior Homme, Feve Delicieuse, or Ultra Male you might be able to appreciate Decadence.

I've been testing this on my skin for weeks now and I will be buying this fragrance in the near future. Although I will have to saw that chain off...My open mindedness has limits...lmao...And tassels are a no no in my tho, Plum is my favorite fruit and this scent delivers plum like few others...

The longevity is stellar and lasts 12 hours easily on my skin. Longer if it touches cloth it can go well into overtime. I'd suggest that this can be worn all year around since i think its primarily a night time scent. It can be worn during the day perhaps during the late afternoons during the summer but if worn in the day I'd suggest to go easy as too much of it can be a turn off...Decadence can choke people out. VERY STRONG

Marc Jacobs brand really stepped up and made a modern masterpiece. It performs insanely, smells both interesting and different from the trendy scents made lately and has character. Annie Buzantian and Anne Gottlieb the perfumers of Decadence did an amazing job with this fragrance.

There are few female frags I feel comfortable wearing and this is one of them...Women who wear this in my opinion smell edible...its just that

I rate frags in what I call the PAGE RATING SYSTEM.
P=Poor A= Average G= Good E= Exceptional.

Decadence for women is a strong G leaning on the E side. If i weren't being objective and rated based on my taste alone, I'd rate Decadence an Exceptional scent. What holds it back is a blend that could've been better (though that's nitpicking). The sweetness may be on the overly sweet side for a lot of folks. And I'm sure some women will not appreciate its very powerful enveloping presence but to others that will be a selling point. It was for me. Men will find this scent very attractive. Sadly, only a few will have the cohones to pull it off tho. That bottle cap doesn't help...lmao...I will need to look for my mini saw asap...
11th June 2016
I love green/blue/teal glass. I mean, if this were just a green/blue/teal glass bottle with a nice black cap, I might search ebay for a partial or empty just to display. But, it's a horrible purse, and the scent is common, so I feel bored with the entire thing.

Plumb is not a note that is easily managed. It likely was over-applied in this mixture, and if they had backed off, it may have given the other notes space to develop. The jasmine used was a bit too tame for use with fruit, so that was disappointing. I really hope MJ goes back to the more 2001 type stuff. That was a good place...could be a good springboard for something really spectacular.
17th March 2016
If you want to find out what all the young girls are wearing this year, make an emergency hair-product run to the Ulta beauty supply in your trendy neighborhood on the Friday of a Valentine's Day weekend--and then stop in their perfume circle, because you always do.

You'll notice the department has already been cleaned, mostly out by guys on their way home from work, in preparation for the holiday. Most of the big sellers are predictable: Angel is almost gone--Coco and Chance (and their flankers), too. The Juicy Couture looks pretty blown. There is also only one bottle of Youth Dew left, because everyone buys it for Grandma.

Then there's this new thing, in a squat lurid green bottle, occupying an entirely separate display table. Only a few boxes of what must have been a humongous display are still there. This, undoubtably, will be the new beast taking over the city where you live. It's the new Marc Jacobs fragrance. It's going to be everywhere. You better hope it's not bad.

Nothing about the name or the packaging of Decadence indicates that it's a Marc Jacobs fragrance. Minus its top, the bottle looks kinda mean, a glowing nuclear rectangle with no-nonsense type that suggests the opposite of decadence. Then there's the cap, which turns the thing into a ridiculous purse shape, complete with strap that hearkens back to the weird black cord on the old Opium bottle disco purse. No cheerful polka dots, no rubber daisies, no cheeky fun here (at least for me).

Unlike the earlier, fresh/ethereal florals that dominated MJ's earlier releases, Decadence is fruity gourmand disguising an oriental core--exotically tinged fruit on top, florals in the middle, all resting on an amber base. The plum note up top is big, juicy, and tinged with acidity, and it weaves almost seamlessly with the sambac jasmine floral at its heart. I think it's the acidity and edge of the aromatics of this pairing that provides this fragrance enough structure to keep Decadence from collapsing in on its own sweetness.

Also, as it dries, Decadence airs out its amber/vanilla accord with a subtle gust of earthy vetiver. That vetiver, along with the bitter saffron at its opening, keep this fragrance apart from the pack of typical candied upstarts. The freshness of the plum opener hangs in tension with this slightly raspy dry element, giving the whole composition a surprising sense of completeness.

It's nice to encounter a Marc Jacobs release with some stuffing to it. I don't know if this represents a new direction for the house; if it is, it's a welcome one. This is the kind of fragrance that could lead the young girls down the garden path to the delights of serious perfume.

3rd March 2016
I find Decadence to be -almost- too sweet. Perhaps, as the name suggests, this is intentional. The plum and clean jasmine balloon out and fill out the space left by the sparse leftovers. The body of this one has the texture of a Juicy Couture release, which is funny to me because I think I like Marc Jacobs scents better when they try to be someone else. Not a very memorable release but it has an air of suave smoothness I can appreciate. The bottle, however, is irredeemably tacky. Smells like fancy cotton candy, looks like a handbag - They definitely know their demographic.
15th January 2016
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